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02-11-2010, 10:39 AM
Originally Posted by Acyl View Post
If you DON'T have this additional code, I'm not sure Cryptic can help you...I'd update your ticket explaining the situation, though - you can change the text after you've sent it.

Explain that you bought an STO Gold Edition, but DID NOT receive the second code in your box for the in-game items. You ONLY have the DVD standard retail code. Worth a shot, yeah?

But I strongly suggest you also complain to your retailer or the distributor. It's a problem with the box contents. Unfortunately Cryptic isn't in charge of the box contents for the Gold Edition, because Namco Bandai released that version.
Thanks for your help ive edited my ticket and ill just have to wait and see. I know its not Cryptics fault and they dont really have to give me a code i just hope whoever reads my ticket is in a good mood .

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