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Federation Enforcer Fleet
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Welcome to the Federation Enforcer Fleet's recruitment forum thread on the Star trek Online forums. We are a fleet who are currently accepting applications for those who wish to join us in the fight for the Federation. We will actively participate in PvE (missions) and PvP. Any and all players are welcome to join. For further information please private message Vice Admiral Franklin@longshotQ82. To request to join please contact either myself (Fleet Admiral Talon Karred@Talon_Karred) or Vice Admiral Franklin@longshotQ82. Further information will also be posted as it becomes available.

We are friendly fleet who actively participate in all aspects of Star Trek Online.

Chain of Command (In game, founders/senior officers will be displayed as Admirals, Founder/lead will be displayed as Fleet Admiral)
+Fleet Admiral Talon Karred
+Admiral Andrew
+Vice Admiral Franklin
+Rear Admiral Gabrielle Van Helsing
+Commodore Alexander

Additional Chain of Command details will be posted as it becomes available.

General Rules (more to be posted later on)
+"Ninjas" will NOT be tolerated. Anyone caught Ninja-ing will be removed from the fleet depending on the extent of the ninja (the value of the item being ninja-ed)
+Extreme racial/country discrimination will not be tolerated. Does not apply if a player not in the fleet asks. Permitted if another fleet member asks what-you-think about a certain country.
+Extreme player discrimination will not be tolerated. Does not apply if stating opinion with reasons. Does not apply if giving feedback on player skill level in certain areas (for example: player feed back on healing player skill)
+Treat all players in the fleet (Federation Enforcer Fleet) with respect
+Do not make the Fleet (Federation Enforcer Fleet) look bad

+Fleet Admiral Talon Karred+
+Federation Enforcer Fleet+


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