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I made the following post in the Tactical Officer section, but it has gotten only one response. I am copying the content here in hopes that it will be seen due to the higher traffic.

I currently have a 45 Klingon TO. I also have a Fed EO at level 17. Let me preface this by saying that it is not my intent to have this become a nerf this class, or class vs. class argument. I am only trying to point out what I have seen. I hope to either get a clarification as to the purpose of it being the way it is in game, or to have it hopefully corrected.

I would like to say one of the things I enjoy about the mechanics of the games is the flexibility for character development. A player is not restricted to fill a role based on their class. What defines a players ability to perform a specific role is based on ship choice and bridge officer selection and abilities. You can choose to have an engineer that fills the role of support as a healer for example. The choice of player class will only give an increase to the type of role. For example a tactical officer can play the role as a tank but will be able to be more offensive in nature with a higher DPS versus an engineer who would have a higher survivability in comparison.

Now to address somethings I have noticed with the tactical officer choice.

The engineering officer special ability rotate shield frequency is modified by Starship Engineering Training (tier 1 skill tree), Starship Shield Maintenance (tier 2 skill tree), and Starship Shield Performance (tier 4 skill tree). A player that has chosen to play an engineer is not constrained to a particular ship class. They can fly any type of ship and still spend points to improve their class specific abilities. I have not played a science officer so I can not compare their special abilities due to ignorance.

Tactical Officers special abilities on the other hand are tied directly to ship type. Every TO special ability is modified by Tactical Team Leader (tier 1 skill tree), Escort Captain (tier 2 skill tree), and either Heavy Escort or Tactical Escort Captain (tier 5 skill tree). This also includes tactical bridge officers abilities such as Attack Pattern Omega.

First, I would like to see a change to the skills that modify the TO abilities to something that is not tied to a specific ship type. An example would be to change Escort Captain to Starship Weapon Systems Maintenance (tier 2 skill tree). For the third ability have choose a tier 4 skill that would be appropriate to be on par with engineer officers. The reason being the difference in cost of spending points in those abilities, 400 vs 500.

The other issue I have with the current set up is directly due to my choice of playing Klingon. Klingons do not have defined ship types like federation players. We in effect have two escort ship classes until tier 3 at this time. I personally prefer the Bird-of-Prey over the Raptor. ( This is not a debate on which ship better serves the role as a DPS.) I do know that placing points in the tier 2 Bird-of-Prey Captain does not affect any of my TO abilities.

I hope that this eventually is seen by a developer to get clarification and it does not become buried to never be seen again. I would hope that for all classes there is a parity in regards to the tier skills that affect class special abilities and that no class is pigeon holed to a specific class of ship.
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02-12-2010, 02:14 AM
Bump to keep this above the signal to noise.
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02-12-2010, 07:41 AM
Page 5 and no response, Self gratified bump.

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