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Btw, thiis isn't crying for a nerf or anything.

I have recently been promoted into T5 and the first thing that struck me about this teir was the frequency of federation players using ramming speed (Klingons may also use it a lot but i'm not looking at them during the fight quite as much.
Whilst it is a perfectly viable ability it strikes me that this sort of thing is a last ditch method not a normal everyday thing that starships are made to do.

Although if in the films Starfleet captains did do this tactic a lot more it would liven some episodes up a little. Would be great to see Picard shouting "RAM THOSE KLINGONS!" before even firing a shot.

Hmm, i appear to be rambling. Anyway the TL;DR is..

Ramming speed = rare last ditch, death or glory "I'm gonna take you with me!" Not normal starship operation.

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