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02-12-2010, 06:03 AM
Hello Folks,

I wanted to make a constructive post about my first impressions of this game. Being 36 yo, i ve watched every Star Trek shows on tv except TOS (wich i saw on dvd later). So i know a bit about the world of ST without actually speaking Klingon lol. I must say this game had me right in with all the terms and stuff related directly to the series etc, like the kids of known characters etc etc etc. When i do missions, i have that --feeling-- of watching an episode of Star Trek on tv and i love it !! i know there s less diplomacy, but again, we re at war against those races that have been kind of ennemies for a while. Then i invited 2 friends to join in...and we re having a damn blast !! We re only lv 14 about (LC4) but so far we love the story lines etc...good stuff to get out of this game indeed hoping for a lot of contents to come. Reading forums here and there, there s still a couple of things to fix of course, but besides that....i m loving every minutes of it and can t wait to get back from work on evenings and play

Just wanted to let you guys have fun reading a constructive and positive post for a while and sorry for the bad english, i m french canadian

PS : we re also looking for a fleet but not sure about the prerequisites and stuff, can be a french or english one np lol, name in game is Red (though i would have loved to get the character name on instead lol) We re still learning but getting there (we re 3 guys, 1 of each class)

Thank you and have a nice day all !!!
Scotty, one to beam up !

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