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# 1 Power Descriptions
02-12-2010, 05:55 AM
I love your game by the way. I'm really addicted to it and find it a lot fun. But I do have one problem/complaint/suggestion. Probably one listed as non-critical maybe. Read this description from a kit:

Anesthizine Gas II
AoE Fragile Hold and Slow

Creates a Lvl 45 Anesthizine Gas cloud for 30secs

Anesthizine Gas Stat Buff

to self: 0 toxicology for 15secs

Anethsthizine Gas I Throw
Applys Anesthizine Gas 1 Transit to Source

Anethsthizine Gas Target Self Kill
After 50secs, defeat.

To me this reads like someone copied straight off a Software Engineer's design plan. Its far from a user friendly description. I have sort of figured out what its saying. The power is an AoE Fragile Hold and Slow, that part is clear. Creates a lvl 45 Gas cloud 30secs. Also pretty clear. Gas Stat buff to self, 0 toxicology for 15secs? You lost me there, no idea what that means. Gas Transit to source? I think your telling me that the gas cloud will be applied around the target I choose here... but really unclear on that. And after 50secs, defeat. I think this is meant to mean the status effect lasts for 50secs on any afflicted target.

I think I got most of the meaning right, but anyway as you can probably tell I'm struggling a little. Please could you drop all the jargon and just tell me what it does in plain english.

Thank you! Keep up the good work!
Lt. Commander
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# 2 Agree.
02-12-2010, 07:05 AM
I spend a lot of time playing MMO's, and this one is by far the most interesting and least elegant in the way the mechanics work,, and especially are described. I've been able to understand about 60% of how any ability is effected by skill points. I think the way the mechanics work are fine, however we need a MUCH better explanation. I would like to se better tooltips and an in depth manual in game, maybe something Maccessable from the minimap, like a "Starfleet Field manual.

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