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02-12-2010, 03:08 PM
Originally Posted by DocSavag View Post
And carrying all that stuff around all the time just limits the loot space I have.
don't believe you have to carry them around with you. one nice thing that cryptic did do is that you can draw on supplies and memory alpha crafting items from your bank. so far, I have plenty of space in my bank to keep crafting and supply items in there.

you still have to leave and come back if you don't have enough of the item in the bank but at least that frees up the more limited ship board storage.

on a different note, maybe if they increased the drop rate of the supply items, more people would take advantage of them. I have hundreds of those bloody mineral items but have yet to collect enough supply items just through drops to complete even 1 aid mission. and being the cheap captain that I am I don't like to go purchase the supplies. so the mission usually gets deleted

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