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Okay, I wanna start this thread with a bit of humor. I have heard enough griping, agree with some, reject others, but I digress.
I would like to read some ideas for "fun" missions we would love to play.
For Example:
Adventure on Risa:
You are given shore leave on Risa. Your first task is to relax in a bar and order drinks. Maybe pick up some company.
Part 2: You wake up in a strange room, and all your clothes are gone. Your first officer shows up on screen and tells you that you need to find your clothes quickly!. It's a race against time as you run around randomized rooms looking for pieces of clothing. (I can see it now: Put on item of clothing...put on another item of clothing...put on yet another item of clothing...)
Part three: Your identity has been stolen and your ship has been taken. You must now gain access to a runabout and give chase, but you cannot find your wallet, so you must ask various drunk vacationers for change...
Part four: You have transport and then it is a race through sector space to retrieve your ship without damaging it. Sort of a game of tag.
Reward: 24 Starfleet self respect points and an official reprimand...
That sort of thing.
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02-12-2010, 10:42 AM
How about this one...

Mission: Where is Sulu?

You have been ordered to find the location of Admiral Quinn's pet dog, Sulu, which has gone missing. You trek around various NPCs who tell you they think he was last seen at this or that place, basically making you tour around various places of interest on the map. This would have the benefit of teaching people how to use the map of course, and would help people learn the locations of points of interest. At the end of the quest, you discover that Sulu (the dog) is under the desk in Admiral Quinn's office.

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02-12-2010, 12:18 PM
^ I like it....

Now for a spin on it...and you could do this as a T5 quest or so...

Let's say Sulu is his pet tribble that mutated into some sort of advance furry lifeform and stole a ship from Earth Space Dock... ha!

You are in the admiral's office getting your promotion when this happens BTW... Admiral Quinn is going about his speech and suddenly stops and says... "Where's Sulu?!"

You are quickly informed that a vessel has been stolen and Admiral Quinn directs you to handle this...

You beam out just in time to see the stolen ship head towards you chase and try as you might to keep up, the little ship stays just outside of weapons range.

Suddenly the ship comes to an all stop and you begin to gain ground, when you are within transporter range you immediatley recieve a sudden debuff called "Tribble Trouble" which begins to drain power from all systems on your ship slowing your progress this is of couse because the mutated tribble has beamed thousands of his kind over to your ship. The tribble has bred an army for weeks now and had them hidden in the exchange and bins and conduits around SOL station until the opportune time to strike!

Then the ship goes to warp....

A faint noise is heard in the distance as you limp towards it...

"Captain, looks like an emergency comm bouy..."

Apparently sulu was able to get one comm bouy off the ship just before it went to warp...

"Don't....feed......midnight.....I repeat..... *static* ...ever..... midnight...."

"Captain, while I'm not certain exactly where they've gone, I can trace their warp signature to XXX Sector..."

"Captain Cool Guy... this is Admiral Quinn. We have to locate Sulu and recover that ship! I know you are anxious to take command of your new vessel, but you must return Sulu safely from harms way and prevent that ship from falling into enemy hands!"

So, with this in mind... unable to recieve your promotion you are now forced to start a galaxy wide search for comm bouys and locate Sulu's whereabouts.... How long will it take? How many systems will you have to explore? Planets to search? Tribbles to wade through? What do they want with him? Most importantly... WHERE'S SULU?!?!?

"Set a course for XXX sector, maximum warp...we've got to find SULU! ENGAGE!!"

Cue fancy music and motivational loading screen.

As a quest could get a rare mutated tribble that would provide a space or ground buff to either your ship or abilities... Who says weird stuff can't happen in ST?

- Thanks for listening... Xalar
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02-12-2010, 02:57 PM
Not a mission but a skill. Make tribbles equippable as ship items (too). Give them the ability to be beamed aboard Klingon ships (npc and pc). This skill would work similar to that highly irritating Romulan skill that turns you purple and makes your skills gray out.
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03-02-2010, 09:44 AM
Since we are all entering the "imaginary" part of the forums lately, I thought i would bump this.
Personally, I would like to see the Starship Oslo got to a planet where everything has been given to the inhabitants, but the natives are restless. After years of wanting a sacred artifact, teh inhabitants (who nobody ever sees but everyone suspects are overweight and living in their mother's basements) hate the artifact. Your crew must do everything in their power to make the artifact better over the loud din of the natives (who by virtue of having lived through several other artifacts improvement sessions) simply want everyone to leave the artifact alone and go home to earth and cry.
No matter how hard your crew tries, you will never be able to achieve perfection with the artifact and you will finally be directed by Starfleet to beam up and firebomb the bejeebus out of the planet.
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03-02-2010, 01:42 PM
The Riker Manuever, where you turn an asexual being from another race into a hetrosexual woman!
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03-03-2010, 03:10 AM
Please Sir
Can I rescue 5 Orion Slave Girls and teach them the meaning of Love.
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03-03-2010, 06:38 AM
Originally Posted by Kevscar View Post
Please Sir
Can I rescue 5 Orion Slave Girls and teach them the meaning of Love.
No. But you can have four and call them your BOffs and pretend you did... at least that's my story.

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