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Originally Posted by saekiith View Post
So instead of at least getting one intern to do your job and fix it you just went full "EF it!" and threw the whole thing out of the airlock...
I generally try to avoid political posts. Indeed, this one smacks of politics - both from forum users as well as those internal to Cryptic/Perfect World. That said, your post is not going to serve as a lightning rod for anything good - primarily for the reason it is mean spirited, uncivil, and precisely the sort of rant that gets ignored. You could have perfectly valid points all of which lost in the amber of your tone.

Please stop actively lying into our faces and at least admit that they are gone simply because your Corporate Overlords haven't managed to find a way to monetize the whole experience...
Assumptions, even those veiled in the shroud of purported outrage, are baseless without facts to back them up. I do not believe they are lying to us. I believe, however, that they almost certainly had a directive from higher up to rectify this issue and given a timeframe to do so.

I cannot know for certain, but your commentary suggests you have never before worked in an organization that does rapid software development. While I could write a very long post addressing both possibilities, I'll go with the one that seems most probable (that you don't have said experience).

Various groups within said company are given tasks (some companies use sprints to do this) within a set period. Often sprints can be 3 weeks. Within those weeks (whatever Cryptic's period is), those set tasks are in motion and, usually unless a technical issue blocks it, moving at various speeds for that set period of time. With multiple groups and multiple tasks in flight, some get done relatively faster than expected, most get done within the window expected, and some slip. While the latter could certainly slip for usually technical reasons, other things come out of it that prevent said deadline from being met. So, they either get pushed to another sprint or put into the backlog for technology (or whatever issue it is) to resolve.

That doesn't make the product managers, sales, or even forum staff liars. After all, they don't know what's going on in the background any more than you do. Otherwise, they would be coding and off of the forums. The people you see posting on here from Cryptic/PW get basic top level summaries as to what is being done. They don't know until the development management sends out a summary of what was or was not done. (And this assumes a perfectly functional organization.) More likely, some things are not communicated to them from time to time and slip through the cracks. But, that's what the usual process should be.

Moving on from your understanding (or perhaps lack of same) of agile software development, the more salient point is not that many people are clamoring for it to stay in game. Remember, statistically, there's a very small showing of actual users in game to those that post on the forums. You don't represent a majority, even if you'd prefer and your point were absolutely valid.

I would be perfectly fine with their removal of the Genesis system (that which creates the randomly generated exploration missions) as I argued on the original forums that it was a poor substitute for quality work. It would work fine in theory, but in practice would be tedious and boring. Indeed, it was and is exactly that. If they are looking to streamline the download process and get rid of repetitive content, this will accomplish those two goals. You're attempting to argue a third goal should be to have something in place that would either take the place of that or work as an effective alternative. Valid point - but make it that without the invective. Otherwise, your point is lost in the noise of your tone.

Their counterargument will be (and legitimately so) that the Foundry is user generated content that can do what Genesis could not do. Genesis could not generate random engaging content. It wasn't exploration either. It was repeatedly entering a holodeck set to random. Foundry content isn't exploration either - but can be engaging content. You should argue that we should have an alternative which allows us exploration and provide suggestions.

Remember, effective feedback not only illustrates the problem but also proposes solutions. While your proposed solution may not be used, it would however spawn ideas from which a future solution is built. A rant, however, does not go well and is ignored. So you will have lost your otherwise valid point. Participate in the activities that will increase your happiness long-term, not the immediate knee jerk reaction that will not contribute to said happiness.
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07-08-2014, 06:08 AM
Well, if the star clusters have to go then we need some way to get random, short, repeatable missions. I like the idea of being able to get them from a station on the bridge!

My time to play is fairly limited and being able to hop on at any time and spend 30 minutes doing a complete mission is one of the things that keeps me coming back frequently and keeps my interest in the game going.

I'm afraid without the exploration missions or something to replace them, my play time will be down to once a week or less when I happen to have a couple of hours together to do my next story mission. Not happy.

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