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# 11
06-19-2014, 04:45 PM
Just converted my older materials to the newer ones. It was about as tedious as I expected, but most of the returns weren't bad until we got to the rare particle traces. Old common > New common; Old Uncommon > New uncommon ... that's all fine. Old Rare > New RANDOM material considerably less so. I'm not a big hoarder but going from a couple of dozen rare materials to FIVE of the new-style rare materials doesn't sit well with me.
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06-19-2014, 04:52 PM
Okay, logged in and

First Issue:
- is the conversion screen. I have literally over 3k particles gathered up and have to trade all of them one by one? Please tell me that this is temporary and we will get a slider to do this! You seriously cannot expect a player sitting hours and hours clicking trade-in and then Ok on the pop up...

Second issue:
- just stating common or uncommon material is simply bad. I want to know what I am trading in for! This is a pure random generated conversion where I, as a player, must hope to get the right materials. Please make it more clear what I can trade in for!!!

Third issue:
- is there any way the system can automatically assign the highest tier quality (purple) DoFF to the project?
It is really annoying having to select the highest every time since you need more than one component to craft an item...

Fourth issue:
- Please....please give us the option to set the amount of items to be crafted! You can add the craft duration as the amount goes up but please we need an amount option!

Fifth issue:
- and this is really disappointing. I am maxxed in crafting on Holodeck and I have no advance or head start in the new system...this sucks!!!!

Originally Posted by coldsnapped View Post
  • Dual Cannons, Turrets, Single Cannons, Dual Heavy Cannons
  • Cannon Consoles Unlocks at Tier 2
  • Dilithium Components Unlocks at tier 3
  • Trait: On activating Cannon skill, gain +1 Turn Rate, +1 Inertia for 20 sec. Stacks x3.
Seriously? This a) makes really no sense at all and b) is the most useless trait since mostly escorts mount cannons and they already have high turn rates and inertia. The slightest buff it would give is to cruisers which use Dual or Single Cannons...pretty much none.

Please rework this.

....more to come as I test.

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# 13
06-19-2014, 04:59 PM
And time for the sticker shock, well not really, but it does render previous postings about these things as somewhat disengenuous. To craft a Mk XII Deflector requires 11 components: 6 Commons (made with 5 common materials each), 2 Uncommons (made with 5 Uncommon materials each), 2 Rares (made with 5 - 8 of the aptly named Rare materials) and 2 Very Rares (made with 5 - 8 Very Rare materials each and dilithium; 5k for one, 15k for the other).

This is -not- a great savings over Fleet or Rep store versions of similar items and depending on how materials costs for the VR mats go could wind up -more- expensive on the combined costs.

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# 14
06-19-2014, 05:11 PM
Okay, upon using this I have a few things to say.

First, please FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT YOU HOLD DEAR, make a faster way of converting the old samples into the new things. For those of us who have stockpiled this stuff we probably have hundreds if not thousands of samples, and converting then all ONE AT A TIME makes me never want to do this at all. So, please add a slider or something with a text box, so we can enter a number or just slide it over to the max. Also, all my particles seem to either convert into common or uncommon materials. So no rares for the legacy stuff? Also, each sample seems to have a chance to become one of four different things. For converting a lot of them, this seems kinda random, is it?

EDIT: My bad, I don't have any particle traces, sorry.

Second, when I convert the samples over to the new stuff, it goes to my invertory, not the R and D section, so I assume this is not set up yet?

Third, when I craft a AP duel beam bank, I believe it says it will give me 10 xp in that school, but when I finished it, it gave me 50 xp, so I am guessing something is off.

Fourth, dilithium to finish the project now? Really? I guess the doffs we not farmville enough for you? But thank you for not making it mandatory. Oh, and interesting, higher tier things need longer, and you need more dilithium to finish it now, but the amount of dilithium reduces as the time counts down. Interesting.

Fifth, I know you said that this is not in the final state, but can you tell us what is in the final state? That way we can not waste your time telling you about bugs you already know about, ya know?

Sixth, okay, from what I can sort out all items, no matter what they are, at Mk XI need a very rare component that costs materials plus 5,000 dilithium. Then at Mk XII then need that very rare component plus another one that costs 15,000 dilithium plus materials, for a total of 20K dilithium. Is this basically in the final form, baring dilithium cost changes? If you want any mark XI item, you must use the component that costs 5,000 dilithium to craft, and if you want a Mark XII item, you must use both components that total a cost of 20K dilithium? So, if you want Mark XI item, you can either buy it off the exchange, or pay 5K dilithium and wait for who knows how long. Or run a mission. You took out Mark XI items from the reps because no one was buying them. What makes you think this will work?

Seventh, not complete okay, but I'm not seeing anything special to craft into these things. Coming soon?

Overall, I'll wait to see if something good is added, but right now, no sale. Far too much time spent to level up to then have to pay dilithium and wait some more for something I can get from missions or the exchange, at least for MK XI. Mk XII I'll wait on. Thanks for your time.
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# 15
06-19-2014, 05:11 PM
Just turned in some old common/uncommon mats and got only commons/uncommons.

Where can you get rare or purple components?Or what do you have to turn in to get those?

Edit: i guess the answer would be those rare particle traces...are they also giving purple components when turning them in?

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# 16
06-19-2014, 05:17 PM
Originally Posted by lordcutterslade View Post
Edit: i guess the answer would be those rare particle traces...are they also giving purple components when turning them in?

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# 17
06-19-2014, 05:25 PM
nice layout.

might want to stack the cost/reward information instead of having it side/side because on some of the rewards you cannot see all of it.

would be nice to have doff trait icons on the selection list so you can pick better doffs (would prefer green/red/grey but just having the icons would be enough)

not a fan of catalysts. why make the bones here instead of selling resource packs for $5/$10/$20 with x amount of resources?
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# 18
06-19-2014, 05:51 PM
The crafting UI, now that I've played with it for a few more minutes, is very frustrating. Perhaps I don't have the patience for crafting, but I don't like the workflow. I'll explain the steps, as I think that will illustrate what I dislike about it:

1. I open the DOFF menu.

2. I click over to the R&D tab.

3. I see my current projects, taking up most of the real estate on the page. To the left, I find the different R&D "schools." I click on Beams, which I'm working on building up. I can only get a good sense of my progress by mousing over and waiting for the tooltip.

4. I am confronted by a large number of oversized project options, through which I need to scroll. They don't seem to be logically ordered, or divided into categories of any particular consequence. Alphabetical listing seems counter-intuitive here.

5. I click on a component to craft (a focusing lens), hoping it's something I need. I can't tell unless I go through to attempt to craft a beam array that I actually want.

6. I change the doff that the system chose (a rather infirm looking uncommon Romulan Fabrication Engineer) to a more appropriate very rare doff. This involves a bit of scrolling to find the one I want.

7. I note the low critical chance with dismay, laugh at the idea of using a catalyst, and start the task.

8. Instead of bouncing to an overall status screen, or back to the component crafting menu for beams (which I came from), the UI gives me an oversized countdown for this trivial project, with an even more oversized "Finish Now" button, which demands my dilithium to travel through time. No, sir. Nope. Not even a little.

9. When the countdown completes, I click "Collect Result."

And that's the process to create ONE (1) component. I can't queue multiple components of the same type. I can queue multiple projects as I rank up, as long as they're different projects. But it's still cumbersome.

Let's fast forward, assuming that I intend to create a mk VI phaser beam array for my vice admiral, since that's all he's entrusted with. I feel a little like Magneto, given a plastic spork. To do this, I'd need to craft six components, each of which require the nine steps above.

Then, I need to do a little gambling.

There is, using a purple doff, with a base crafting skill of 20 (still a noob), only a 3% chance of getting a purple beam array. I know what you're thinking. "We dare not trust HIM with the power of a mk vi PURPLE beam array! Perish the thought!" There is, on the other hand, a 40% chance of getting a common, which I got.

So, after SIXTY-THREE (63) steps and a little over an hour (had I waited), I got a mk vi common beam array. Needless to say, I'm not too jazzed. That doesn't even include the time it would've taken to gather the materials for crafting the components to craft the beam array. Oh, and it barely made a dent in my progress towards the next rank of crafting excellence.

Does it get better?

(reposted from release notes thread)

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# 19
06-19-2014, 06:10 PM
1/Converting old mats to new ones is horrible. What everyone have said anyway.

2/To craft an item, we need to select it, select the tier and type, check the mats needed, then craft them, 1 by 1, get back to the item we want, select the tier/type and craft it.
That's up to 14steps to craft a single beam....

Slow, tedious, useless. Why can't we just select AP beam MK XII, and start the craft, using all the resources needed, instead of crafting several otherwise useless components ?

Is it on purpose so we have a dil sink (we can use dil to finish the craft earlier) ? If so, shame on you.

3/Overpriced. Again. To craft a random MK XII beam, I'll need 20K dil and mats. And the result is not even guaranteed, I may ends up with an uncommon beam, or crap mod, like [DMG].
They are as expensive as rep weapons, and they are random.

4/Catalysts. What ? Where ? How ? Why ?
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# 20
06-19-2014, 06:38 PM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Material Conversion is...one at a time? I'm going to break my mouse holding down ctrl and clicking.
Aye, we desperately need a slider before this goes live!

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