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06-19-2014, 07:23 PM
Was there something wrong with just double clicking a DOFF to assign them to a mission before that I wasn't aware of? Because I don't understand why we need more windows/tabs, whatever, just to assign them to a particular mission with this new UI.
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06-19-2014, 07:39 PM

To start with the organization for finding that doff mission you are looking for has been destroyed. Previously you could see many different assignments, what they required, and they were organized by department.

Now it's just a generic list in alphabetical form with giant boxes that provide absolutely no useful information.

Previously it would asign less than optimal doffs as suggestions forcing me to seek them out from my roster sometimes and while it was a chore, I was alteast provided the tools to actually sort them and it let me know what traits and specialization to look for. Some of my toons have 300+ doffs.

Now it auto assigns sub optimal doffs and doesn't even tell me what specialization I should use for the best chance of success. Oh and the list, that is real fun to sort.

Doffing is one of the reasons I enjoy STO. Neverwinter's version is one of the reasons I only played it for a month. This really makes me miss Heretic, perhaps I should return to his work.

I'm trying to stay constructive but this is absolute garbage. And I know we are stuck with it because to do a crafting revamp the NW doff system is being mashed into our Doff system and I highly doubt it will be considered worthy of the development time it would take to merge them properly without destroying what we currently have.
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06-19-2014, 07:47 PM
I'm quoting doffingcomrade from another thread, because this is a fairly big feature loss.

Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
I just realized it gets even worse.

There are are a fair number of chain missions that are found A: Only on your DH, and B: Only inside certain clusters.

Without the ability to enter the cluster and then pull up the department heads FOR THAT CLUSTER, those missions are now impossible to ever get and complete!

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06-19-2014, 07:52 PM
Originally Posted by frtoaster View Post
Season 9.5 has introduced substantial changes to the doff system. Here is my initial feedback.

1. You've drastically reduced the number of assignments available from exploration clusters. In each exploration cluster, assignments used to be available under "Current Map", "Personal", and "Department Heads". Now, each cluster offers only one tab with fewer assignments than available under "Current Map".

2. I can no longer filter by quality and traits when planning assignments.

3. Why do I need to see crafting skill when I'm planning a normal doff assignment?

4. Assignments under "Current Map" and "Personal" are no longer organized by commendation category. This makes it hard to look for assignments belonging to a specific category. The same applies to department heads who offer more than one category of assignment. The same also applies to the new exploration cluster tab.

5. Please color-code the chances of critical success, success, failure, and disaster.

6. The rewards and requirements often don't fit in their boxes.

7. I cannot buy doffs under the "Request More" tab.

I'll just double up everything said here (except Exploration Cluster stuff. I don't know for sure how that's working since I've not gotten to one yet).
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06-19-2014, 08:05 PM
Originally Posted by phantomeight View Post
I'm sorry that I can't provide any constructive criticism right now... but this is utterly ridiculous. You have killed the duty officer system or you are in the processing of dumbing it down so badly that it is not of any interest anymore.

I am absolutely astonished....

Let's look at 1 KDF Doff Assignment: Disable Vulcan Freighter

Tactical Sucess: Energy Weapons Officer, Projectile Weapons Officer
Operations Sucess: Tractor Beam Officer


On Tribble, the user is not provided the relevant information to use an Energy Weapons Officer or Projectile Weapons officer instead of ANY Tactical Officer.

On Tribble the user Interface obfuscates your roster. The "Select Button" provides no context or control of assigning DOFFs.

On Tribble you see a 2nd menu that just says Tractor Beam Officer WITHOUT their TRAITS. On Holodeck you assign DOFFS from your ROSTER and have access to all the information to make an informed decision.

At a minimum you need to add all the relevant information. Basically the Holodeck interface is superior. I'd prefer you'd revert back to the old Holodeck interface. It gets the job done.

My first thought was windows 8. Big tiles of useless information. I spend 90% of my time DOFFING but this new interface is going to push me to give up STO.
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06-19-2014, 10:08 PM
I just saw the new DOFF UI for the first time and my first impression was literally "WTF".

First off it's insanely large, and it's not user friendly at all.

Second, they added more "Middle-men", where it's a longer process to actually start a DOFF mission. On Holodeck, I click twice to choose the mission and then click a few more times in choosing DOFFs and off they go. But not with the new system.

Third, the DOFF selection is incredibly horrible! That "Select Button" is misleading in that it looks like you are selecting a DOFF when in fact you are choosing the DOFF pre-chosen. And it goes into an annoying pop-up window that doesn't show any information, so you have no idea if a DOFF is better or Worse than the pre-chosen.

Fourth, the Current UI, everything was right there. This new one doesn't.

IMHO Cryptic - LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE! It's NOT BROKE, do not go messing with things that isn't broke. Nobodys been complaining about needing improvements to the DOFF UI. Please, JUST LEAVE IT ALONE!

If you wanted to Improve the UI, then add a button that let us buy commodities for missions right there and then, than us floundering in the Replicator or running to a vendor.

R&D UI: OMG! Send it to the pits of Hades where it belongs! It's atrocious!

Come on guys, this isn't crafting at all. It's Doffing. When people said they want to craft, they want to craft! Everquest, Age of Camelot, SWG!
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06-19-2014, 10:22 PM
The new Doff UI is TERRIBLE. Whomever did the redesign seems to have forgotten the KISS principle of deign (IE Keep It Simple Stupid.)

Issues I have:

- Now you can't simply see the required officer types.

- To Select you need to scroll through your ENITIRE inventory; no more easy filtering with two clicks?

What? Did someone at Cryptic think players were Doffing too fast so they add all these layers of reduced 'at a glance' info and un-needed selection complexity? If this goes live as is, I just won't bother to Doff.
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06-19-2014, 10:37 PM
I missed this thread when I made mine (didn't scroll down far enough apparently), so reposting here.
Originally Posted by sarek93 View Post
I figured since there wasn't an official feedback thread for the doff UI revamp, I'd make an unofficial one. The new UI looks good, but I do have a few qualms with it:

1. The pop up for selecting a duty officer for a slot in the mission only shows the duty officer's crafting skill and not their traits. To figure out the traits you have to assign them and then see what the traits are and how those traits match up to what increase your crit chances on projects. For those of us with full 400 doff rosters, that can be a bit annoying: assign one, doesn't look good, assign again, doesn't look good. On and on until one comes up that has the right skills.

2. Sometimes when a lot of items or doffs are required for an assignment they get cut off by the box that they are displayed in on the mission lists. You have to click each one to go in and see exactly what is needed. In some cases, the item I'm missing is cut off, so I don't know that I can't run the mission until I click into it. There's no way of displaying it is unavailable on the list as it stands now the way it used to.

3. The grouping is annoying. The missions are all arranged randomly. The old system arranged by division type. I'd prefer either that or arranged by rarity. Just sort it some way. Right now it's just a random list. It makes it hard to easily locate specific division missions that I might want to run to boost xp in one particular division.
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06-19-2014, 11:45 PM
Another thing that worries me is that the new doff UI consists largely of new code. It's probably not as well-tested as the old UI. There are rare bugs that cause you to lose doffs.

I'm afraid incidents like that will become more common.
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06-20-2014, 12:51 AM
Originally Posted by frtoaster View Post
Another thing that worries me is that the new doff UI consists largely of new code. It's probably not as well-tested as the old UI. There are rare bugs that cause you to lose doffs.

I'm afraid incidents like that will become more common.
That looks like someone trolling. The pic might as well have "photoshoped" in the corner.

Lists failure (but not "1 lost"), with extreme risk for a low risk task and has the reward show when you get nothing for a fail. As well as that doff not supposed to be able to slot in that project.

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