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# 1 Odyssey "Tactical" Suggestion
07-07-2014, 11:20 AM
I recently found out that the 9.5 update will also bring changes to the Odyssey and Bortasqu' Uniforms, very welcome changes.

I ran into the Odyssey Tactical Uniform, and I hoped it would be something like what I use now. I have equipped myself and my standard away team with a standard Odyssey jacket, the standard "loose knee high" category pants, panels and pockets, and bulky boots, which look closest to the combat boots used by most military forces.

What we seem to have gotten is a bulked up version of the standard jacket, which I am very grateful for, a great pair of boots that are very similar to standard military combat boots, with a similar material to the Jupiter boots, and... matching tights...

Now, I'm sure some people will be fine with this, but I'd like to suggest that you add a variant of the Odyssey Tactical pants in the loose knee high category, so people like me don't have to witness our away team running around in tights. Starting with the template from the panels and pockets would be best, then you could change them to match the style of the Odyssey Uniform, and just make sure that they stop on the top of the set's pair of boots. I think this would be a great addition for those of us that try to make practical combat uniforms for away teams.

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