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At the moment, you need 5v5 Fed v Klingons. If you can barely get into a pvp with the regular queue why would you think it would be easier to create your own? fly around looking for random klingons your level range, then ask those you find if they want to pvp against you? you and your team? you and 4 other feds you have to scramble up? It's kind of pointless, and when there are actual more klingons and feds available to pvp in the actual queue this will be even more so.

IT Should be changed to do this
1) Allow a minimum of 1 v 1 to start the game. That way (Cryptic) does not have to figure out a way to have dueling in. I know Andoria gives hints to dueling, but that just seems to be ground dueling and a new type of game. Ushg?...However this way, the maps are there already, just change the restrictions.

2) Instead of Making it a Fed V Klingon, since that is already a type of queue, why not change it to
-Team 1 v Team 2
. - This way, you can start a game against or within your own fleet, your own group in game and group of friends in RL. If you wanted you could even set it to have Feds and Klingons mixed on one team against the other for diversity.

3) NO XP for private queue- ( This is how it is set I believe and should stay that way so it does not become simple to farm skill points and rewards )

What do you all think? My main thing is dueling at the moment. And I just see a waste with the private queue. You want Fed v Klings ( that is alrdy there ), K v K ? ( Already There ) F v F ( Supposed to be on the way ) If you use the queue as it is, you most likely have fleet members who made klingons and you had enough people to do a 5 v 5that you already knew or randomly asked That's fine,and can keep it that way, but as stated above, if they switch those two things- look at all the different functions that can be added to the private queue system.

Anyway, Would like to know if you all like this? Or what do you think?

Also: ( I know many people will probably ask questions such as Why duel anyway? Well why not? when waiting in the queue it gives people something to do. It provides just another aspect to the game and will keep a lot of hardcore pvp players here for the game )

I really like the game so far, Hope for more development in many aspects and look forward to it. Just this right now is my main thing

Thanks for your time!
Lt. Commander
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02-12-2010, 04:52 PM
Any thoughts?

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