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I had never thought about this until your question came up. In "First Contact," the queen said she was a part of that cube Captain Picard was on even though it was never her voice speaking, then she was back again for the the plot of that very movie, reminding him he didn't understand how they operated. So technically she determines what is classified information or not to the hive, she doesn't just direct them. This would also mean their consciousness is digitally stored and assimilated to the central mind in Borg space. That would mean they not only can put a selected consciousness into a body, they can reproduce them as well, just like Locutus did in Star Trek Armada. It's not the body that they value, it's the mind, just like the Phalanx in X-Men. So I would Imagine they are immortal, every mind added to the collective stores knowledge and memory's of each drone taken, they know more then any other species around the universe! I think that is a form of immortality, like the planet network in "Avatar."

So technically, making the Borg Queen's "First Contact" body for this game was pointless, since she can inhabit any body or have any consciousness needed to inhabit one of their drones.

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There is also the matter of the Borg being able to survive various things that would kill most other species.
-Space (No need for EV suits)
-Extreme temps (I believe Seven once said that her augmented hand could handle it when she was prevented from reaching into something dangerous on Voyager.)

Just about anything outside of violence the Borg seem to survive, except for the nanovirus that they got hit with in the last episode of Voyager. They don't need to eat as long as they have access to an alcove, so no starvation. They don't breath, so atmosphere is generally not a problem (Except for Warp Core coolant), Temperature doesn't seem to be a problem (Although they do seem to have a preferred temp).
Its like the Wraith from Stargate Atlantis. As long as the body is sufficiently nurished, there is virturally no reason to believe that it would die of natural causes.
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I had to deal with this question for one of my stories, and it ended up making for a very powerful scene. One of my characters is an assimilation victim who was on the Enterprise in First Contact, and was an experimental prototype for the Borg of more invasive assimilation techniques. None of the genetic changes can be reversed or the implants removed. In the story I wrote her in here, she is 60 years old but shown to have the appearance of a woman in her late 20's, if one can ignore the implants. She was about 22 or so when she was assimilated.

In the scene she is eulogizing a fallen officer and doesn't know when she will see him again. And barring an accident, it could be centuries. Personally I tend to figure an El-Aurian type lifespan considering the Borg say that they add not just the technological but biological distinctiveness to their own, and something that would increase the hardiness of their biological genome is probably incorporated just as a technological one would be.

That's just my personal headcanon, of course, but that's the logic behind it.

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Originally Posted by mirrorchaos View Post
borg before janeway commited genocide were on the order of trillions. if left unchecked they would of had the galaxy in a few hundred years.
Not to totally derail the thread (and any dislike of Janeway put aside), but should the word "genocide" even be used for parasitic organisms? They are not naturally occurring. If I have to use "genocide" to describe the destruction of Borg, would I not have to also use it, for example, to describe the eradication of the smallpox virus?
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Individual drones probably age very slow if they age at alll, based on a few VOY episodes:
  • in Night, Seven of Nine states that Borg regeneration rejuvenates
  • in Life Line, the Doctor hopes to cure Doctor Zimmermanns degenerative condition by adapting Borg regeneration techniques to arrest and possibly reverse the cell damage. Either Regeneration does not normally reverse cell damage, i.e. aging, or it's just not designed to do this with non-assimilated individuals.
  • The VOY-era Borg queen could be well over 250 years old:
    • in Dark Frontier, the Queen says she came from species 125
    • previously, in The Omega Directive, Seven explains the Borg learned of Omega 229 years ago after assimilating species 262, followed by species 263 until many years later they assimilated someone with useful scientific data. This implies the Borg number species incrementally in the order they encounter/assimilate them.
I'd say, as long as a drone completes regular regeneration cycles and doesn't suffer too extensive damage from combat/accidents, it will not die of old age. Of course, the Borg don't care that much about individual drones, so they probably all get killed in action sooner or later.
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06-22-2014, 02:17 PM
Borg are as immortal as bugs... Step on one, and another will pop up... To eradicate them, you need to hunt down every last one of them, and fast, before they multiply.
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Originally Posted by steamwright View Post
Not to totally derail the thread (and any dislike of Janeway put aside), but should the word "genocide" even be used for parasitic organisms? They are not naturally occurring. If I have to use "genocide" to describe the destruction of Borg, would I not have to also use it, for example, to describe the eradication of the smallpox virus?
borg are still lifeforms, you consider them worthless? and when they are disconnected and remember their former lives and start over, they still just as worthless?

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I assume that if a Borg drone is damaged beyond repair (whether the organic parts, the cybernetic parts, or both), they are simply dismantled and recycled.

If the fleshy part is afflicted with some kind of disease or is otherwise imperfect (maybe as a result of a congenital disorder), to me the most efficient thing to do would be to kill the drone and recycle its organic and synthetic parts elsewhere into the collective.  39147
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It is possible that the Borg are immortal, but not in the way we think. The Borg could be thought of as computers and the Borg Collective could be thought of as the Cloud. When the computer dies, its information still remains on the Cloud. So the memories and personality of the Borg's former lives remains even after the Borg drone is recycled for parts.
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Originally Posted by grandnaguszek1 View Post
I think they are growing exponentially. That's how they control almost an entire quadrant.
Do they?
The Voyager travels some distance for a few series before they enter Borg territory, the distinction is made that it's specific Borg territory within Delta Quadrant and not that the DQ is Borg Space.
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