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# 1 Id like to see?
02-12-2010, 08:33 PM
after reading a few posts and playing this borg pore fest they call end game i thout it best to let cryptic know what i and with others adding there post what we want on the kling on side with out a lot of gripes =)
also lol read the next post ya sarry about the spelling

1st id like to say i realy enjoy the pvp aspect of our lvling and hope as you develope the game further you dont remove this but add to it. pvp lvling is very klingon like and is part of why i chose this race

end game conten well to be frank there is non im lvl caped and got nothing to do sad day. i would like to go raid in the sence got to here and fight this boss so i can gear further and have FUN with my fleet
idea well 1st keep it in brackets of 10 it will make it easyer on the group in a fleet or scale the incounter to the # of players

a nutrale zone that is just that a place where we can all go and there is no theres or ours for random ailons to do bad things to them not welcome

i would realy like to be able to flag pvp so when that fed comes in my space i can kill him and to be able to duel the lippy 10 year old to shut his wish he could up

can u add debuff icons and verble que to the game plz so i can tell why such and such is happoning

where is the exploration this is spoce to be space not ur stuck to this zone of nothing to do once agen nutrule zones between the set sides if you need to expande ur map dont think to may will care but if i cant go in fed space y is it there

hows this for an idea for klingon quest make it progetion add space that 1st we as players exsplore throu quests then we do raids on the races we come acrossed supply lines then we concure there world as enough players compleat these quests the map changes to open new content
respecking PLEACE and a spec tree that will work with end game you have things in the spc tree that only hold value to that brack of lvling and no way to tell what will be needed in end game or if a skill will even be of use later i.e. you just relased epic pvp wepons but there is only one type so now that im specked into disrupers its waisted or of no point to go for the epics dont make sence

end game not sure if ur aware but the borg what you call end game is well to be blunt Very ..... boreing and point less i sugest fixing this fast or players will get bord and find a new game. p.s it is super laggy the bigger ur group gets just so you now .

from a Tanks aspect i would suggest makeing skills like feedback pulse and fire at will High agro attacks to help keep thret from some super dps

Loot ur loot timer is way to fast if im busy with 6 mobs and loot is flashing acrost my screen there is no way to tell if i need it or not cuz ill pass if i dont click fast enough not a good thing and will cuz group prblems later when there is loot that aculy matters

verticle flight umm im in a space craft not a plain or helo i should be able to fly up or down dont realy care if i have to point my nose that way to do it but i do not like haveing to cercle my pray or loot like a buzzrud just to get in range

gold spaners plz do something about this it is realy anoying to open my mail and have it full of spam that or i realy hope you got a lot of room on that ignore list cuz i report spam about 3 times a day

thx for you work and time cryptic hope this help and that you aculy read ur own forms
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# 2
02-12-2010, 08:41 PM
my fellow horrible speller(my spelling is just as bad if not worse)

yes basicaly most of your points i think most would agree with

atm sto has no end game these "raidisodes" i doubt will be anything speacl judging from the rest of the pathetically easy pve from sto

and yes they need to add some form of meaningful pvp to the game or there wont be any point to play the Klingon faction look how quickly the pvp queue are dropping

and yess i think its not mentioned enuph that when you have buffs going you get icons telling you so but not debuffs yet is "should" be a simple thing to make it so debufs show in the same maner on yourself without needing to target yourself to see

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