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Originally Posted by edalgo View Post
EWP on a single cannon Sovereign??????

Even with the torp up front it has no synergy as you need to pass over a target to get the Plasma on a target. This would nerf your damage as now your target is in your rear with only Omni + turrets firing.

Sovereign isn't exactly nimble. Maybe with a beam boat it would be more plausible as it'd be quicker to broadside (forward beams would acquire target faster than single cannons) And the torp would be better off in the rear with EWP.

Use DEM instead of EWP. Keep target/s in forward arc and fire away!
Sounds strange, but maybe a year ago i used this combination myself.
A bit of exercise can make it work.
Of course it's more like a fun tactic for solo play, nothing to run a DPS parser on it and get exciting results, but it surely helps killing NPCs.

Single Cannons on a rather heavy ship takes a bit of thinking ahead, so no fast paced WWII like dogifighting. But it's surely helpful if you run torpedoes.
You don't have to maneuver back and forth to align the toprs. So it has SOME purpose IMO.
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