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# 1 My Take on STO.
02-12-2010, 10:49 PM
Yep I'm new. So quite sure a lot of you won't care about my opinion. But oh well. Am bored.

I've been playing for about a week now and here's some of the problems I've come across.

1: The server seems to go down...A lot.

2: Seems that every time I try to warp into Sol I get stuck on the loading screen for so long that I have taken to closing out the game and reloading it about 9 times outta 10 that I go to Sol. And no thats not an exaggeration. I know it's not my comp or connection because Sol is the only area that it happens with me.

3: While loading into other areas occasionally I will get a message saying that I lost connection to the server. This generally only lasts at most a minuet, on average 30 secs. So while it's not really a biggie I still figured that it should be mentioned.

4: This one isn't really a problem per se, more of an annoyance to me personally really. And no I don't expect them to change this, just throwing it out there. The inability to go to full impulse while at red alert. During the movies/shows combat was often done at full impulse (when possible) as that was generally when the ship was more manuverable. And of course the inability to go to warp while at red alert. Sorry but if I have a borg cube wanting to hurt me and I need to book a hasty retreat so that I can live to fight another day by george I want to go as fast as possible...not poke around at 1/4 impulse. Even the great Enterprise-D had to make a run for it on occasion.

5: While this game was being made I would look in on its progress and I seem to remember that it was suppose to be possible to explore various areas in your own ship, like 10 forward, engineering, sick bay etc etc. It's disappointing that you can only look in on your bridge.

Now for the things that I like about STO.

1: I love to play solo. And STO has made that possible to a great extant (so far). Yes yes I know...This is a Massive Multi-Player game. Doesn't mean that a person should be restricted to nothing but grouped play. IMO there should be a balance between the two for any online game. Just because you like to solo doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't be able to enjoy online games.

2: I find the combat to be pretty engaging (no pun intended) with the right amount of difficulty. Yes I've seen tons of posts/threads stating that STO is currently too easy. Perhaps there is some truth to that. Though I would imagine that mainly has to do with group play more than solo play. Perhaps the difficulty of the game could be made harder for each person in a grouped instance. But imo for solo play it's just right.

3: word....AWESOME!

4: While I haven't tried it yet I have read posts about the ability to use voice commands. Just as soon as I get a new mic i'll be using this. I think that it is a great addition to MMO's. Especially if it is working as good as I have read.

5: It's an MMO that is about Star Trek. Can't get much better than that.

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