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Okay, the last MMO I tried, and cancelled within a week, was Star Wars Online (I know, that kind of dates me...). I've had some friends that loved the City of Heros game and explained a lot about it to me hoping I would join, but I just wasn't that into the whole hero/villian thing... I'm hopefull that this game will have man y of the same great features that my friends loved about CoH... Instead of new games, perhaps they will continue to release new "episodes," or even a new "year" pack... From what I've read this sounds like a game that will be in development long after the release, much like their other success.

I just got the game, just got it patched, and was working on my character when the server crashed (maybe it didn't like my long haired Vulcan?)... anyways, just thought I would post my hopes for the game given all the negative threads I've seen... We'll see if I'm still optomistic after a week or two of playing : P

Be seeing you!
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02-12-2010, 11:18 PM
Nutshell: games great, server sucks.

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