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I am currently forming a Casual Gaming Fleet centered around Military Personel.

It is difficult to find a Fleet (Guild) that understands what it is like to deploy, get bogged down with work and miss a few months (years) of game play. So for those of us who live in that world and play in this one here is the 807th.

This is NOT a lets talk about work forum. Or a place to bash or promote your branch of service. This is a place to relax and unwind with people who understand what its like. Not all of us enjoy our work, Not everyone is making it a career. Some people are so if you join i expect a level of respect that goes both ways. And Leave your rank at the door. If you are an O-8 or an E-1 out there you are all NORMAL PEOPLE (Dorks) in game, just like me.

With that I'm expecting a revolving door for member as some people move to more active Fleets as they have the time. We don't have a website (that takes more time than I have to make and run), but if a member wants to build it, we will come.

I DON'T want your money! This fleet and its members will NOT be charging a fee. I know most of us don't have that kind of resources to pay to join a group and enjoy our addiction too. Now if someone is creating a Web Page he has the right to ask for Donations. They are not cheap.

Spouses are encouraged to join. Children are not specifically encouraged unless over the age of 16 (with parental consent) as i will not filter conversations for anything outside of topics such as Racism and Harassment.

Like I said this is casual. Play little, play often. There will be times when the Management will be on Deployment too, so that will be taken into account when assigning leadership within the fleet so don't worry.

All other issues will be worked out as they crop up.
Currently we have 4 members (a fifth build a computer so they can play). Send me some messages if you are interested in joining up and we'll pull the party together and found this fleet.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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02-12-2010, 11:40 PM
Come check us out, we have website, vent, multiple games and a few hundred members. You guys are more than welcome.

No spouses or kids, though.

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