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Hello! I've been on hiatus for well over a year, and I've returned to find new Episodes and other content added to the game. I'm enjoying checking it all out.

So, I've recently acquired a new Fleet Avenger Battle Cruiser, and I was hoping to get some feedback from the community on my proposed build, as it's quite a costly setup (especially in terms of Dil). I've done some searching on the forums, and I've yet to find many builds I was particularly inclined to try, save one -which is what this build is sort of based on. Any constructive feedback would be most welcome. And thanks much in advance!

Some things to note:

1) I don't pvp

2) I'm not a min/max player (though I try/want to be an effective contributor to my team)

3) I enjoy variety and like to switch it up, so I try to build my skills such that I can switch between various types of ships and ship builds (I'm aware that with this build carriers/sci heavy ships are probably the least effective)

4) I'm aware some theory crafters hold the view that 9 points should not be put into any skill. Here, I chose to do so on some skills anyway.

5) On this ship build I currently/plan to use 2 Purple Con Doffs (for TT cd) and 3 Purple Projectile Weapon Doffs

Additionally, Some feedback on:

Boff layout would be welcome
placement (or even the use of) the experimental proton beam array
Skill point assignment suggestions will certainly be considered

Oh, btw...where can I acquire the trait: "Orbital Devastation"?

Edit: My apologies! I've completely neglected to post the link to my build...How silly of me!


- Live long and prosper!

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07-01-2014, 06:27 PM
Post a build on and let's see what your rocking
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07-02-2014, 09:05 AM
Please provide your current setup, or how you would set it up, your BOFF layout, active duty space roster DOFFs, etc. You can use STO Academy's tools to provide a link to this without too much fuss.
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07-02-2014, 10:09 AM
Ok, now I just feel plain silly. I've posted a link to the build as an edit in the OP.
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07-02-2014, 10:13 AM
looks sturdy although i question why you have the proton weapon in the rear and two torps forward. also whats with the flow caps console other than those gripes it looks solid
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07-02-2014, 10:25 AM
This is what I use, it is very similar to what you proposed:

I am planning to use the Undine Deflector and the Adapted MACO Shields, just like you are doing as well.

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07-02-2014, 10:25 AM
Originally Posted by neos472 View Post
looks sturdy although i question why you have the proton weapon in the rear and two torps forward. also whats with the flow caps console other than those gripes it looks solid
Flow Caps....

I'm running a Plasmonic Leech console...My understanding is that Flow Capacitors improve energy drain. (While I'm working on acquiring the pieces for this build I'm running Polarized Disruptor DHCs, and the energy drain is nice...all systems are above 75 and it works well with my [amp] warp core).

With regard to the torps in the fore, the build (A.M.A.C.O. 2pc, Protonic Arsenal 2pc, and the Multi-Energy Relay console) gives significant increase to photon torpedo damage. I'm not familiar with the Experimental Proton Beam weapon, so feedback on it's effectiveness is welcome. I supposed that another DHC up front would be more beneficial. That was why I am using flow caps embassy console. Although, I would prefer a shield cap increase console, I don't believe one exists for the rom embassy consoles...or am I wrong?
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07-02-2014, 11:04 AM
Alrighty, you have a ton of issues that are holding you back, like a sumo on a pony...

Single copy of dem but no marion

No attack pattern

Two epts and one eptw but no damage control doffs

2 fore torpedoes

No kinetic cutting beam or assimilated module on a cannon build

1 crf and 1 csv

One torp spread

And skills need a fine tuning but actually aren't too shabby.

So..for the avenger, you either go aux2bat cannons or a beam array build.

What would you like/prefer?

Epte/eptw are pretty essential for cannons
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07-02-2014, 01:09 PM
Personally, this ship felt right with beam arrays. With DHCs it felt like something was sacrificed along the way.....
I never ran it with DHCs for long, so take anything I say about this with that in mind.

Without using 2 copies of Auxillary to battery skills in engineering and the 3 technicians to make it all work right, you are going feel like you run out of DOFF slots before you have everything setup right.

Without DOFFs to help with cooldowns, EPTx abilities should be run in pairs, for a total of 4 to get the cooldowns and buffs working right. 2 EPTE and 2 EPTW, for example.
With DOFFs, you can use 3 purple damage control engineers that redcue EPTx cooldowns and only use 2 EPTx abilities, one of each, such as 1 EPTE and 1 EPTW.

2 or 4 EPTx abilities are optimal, I'll focus toward using 2.

Because you have limited LT and LCDR level tac abilities, you will need either 2 energy weapon officers to reduce cannon special attacks so you only need 1 CRF ability, or 2 conn officers to reduce attack pattern recharge so you only need 1 attack pattern.

So far, that's 5 active duty space roster solts used up. If you've obtained the 6th one from a fleet spire, then you have 1 left.

Now it comes down to what you want, with what's left over in BO abilities.
If you slot 2 DEMs in (DEM2 and DEM3) in CDR Eng, you'll want a systems engineer (marion) to reduce power use with DEM. If you do that, then 1 hazard emitter may no seem to provide enough heals.

So, try this first....

HE1, HE2

3 purple DCE's for EPTx abilities
2 Energy weapon officers for CRF recharge or 2 Conn officers to reduce attack patterns
1 Systems Engineer

If you can't keep shields up and can stand to get a little slower, change EPTE1 to EPTS1.
Not enough hull healing? Drop DEM, replace with ET3 and Aux to SIF3, add a maintenance engineer to reduce ET cooldowns.
Not enough shield heals, swap EPTW and EPTS to get EPTS3 and EPTW1.
Still not enough shield healing? Take one HE1 and replace it with ST1.

I hope something in there helps you.

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07-02-2014, 01:33 PM
If nobody has mentioned it yet, Orbital Devastation can be found on the Exchange. Probably for 1 mil at least. Its also in one of the lockboxes. Can't remember which.
I THINK its in a "Career Specific" Ground Trait box, so searching for specifically Orbital Devastation won't help. Might need an Exchange Guru to confirm.
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