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# 1 BOff Costume Slots
07-02-2014, 03:08 PM
Can we please have multiple costume slots for the BOffs?

Just to be able to change their uniforms depending on the type of mission I'm going on. For example, when going on the “Everything Old is New” episode, I'd like all of them to be in the TOS uniforms to blend in and for immersion.

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# 2
07-15-2014, 03:13 PM
OMG, that would be awesome!

We could switch into undercover costumes during ground missions, all change into Section 31 uniforms for our secret meetings, etc.

Wow that would be great.

I might even want to BUY more costumes if all my crew could easily switch into them!

Oops, Deja Vu.
Star Trek Battles Channel - Play STO more like Star Trek with challenge, teamwork and FUN!

Are you sure it isn't time for a "colorful metaphor"? --Spock in 'The Voyage Home'
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# 3
07-19-2014, 01:54 AM
I too have been wanting this feature for a very long time!

I'm aware that outfit changes at the tailor are now free, and one can save costumes for later (re)purchase, but I'd very much like to be able to change my BOff's outfits on-the-fly to suit the given situation.

Here are some details on how I'd like this to be implemented:

Purchasing / Monetization
- To make this easier for everyone, the BOff costume slot unlocks should be automatically included with any purchase of additional Player Captain costume slots (i.e. if a player buys four extra costume slots for his/her Captain, all of his/her BOffs also automatically gain four extra costume slots each)
- These unlocks should work retroactively for those who have already purchased Captain costume slots
- These unlocks should also apply to all future BOffs (i.e. if a player adds more BOffs and/or buys more BOff slots, the extra BOff costume slots should also be available to them as well)

Tailor Interface (Concept Art)
- In the Bridge Officers tab, instead of a grid simply showing each BOff and their single costume, the interface should be revised as follows:
- Each BOff is assigned to one row of the table
- On the far right of each row, is the BOff's name and head-only portrait
- On the left of each row are all the outfits created for that particular BOff, which can spill over into sub-rows if required

Status Window ("U" hotkey) (Concept Art)
- At the bottom of each Player Captain / BOff's overview screen, there should be an additional button called "Select Outfit" near the existing "Edit Record" and "Career Options", which opens up a drop-down menu listing all the costumes available for that particular BOff (much like the loadouts system for Starships)

Away Team Interface (Concept Art)
- On the top-left hand of the screen is the UI responsible for showing the current members and status of the Away Team. By right-clicking on the Player Captain's portrait, one can already change the Captain's costume on-the-fly
- This feature should also be extended for each BOff (i.e. right-click on a BOff portrait, click "Change Outfit", choose from list of options in pop-up)

Further arguments in favour of implementing this feature
- By opening up additional costume slots for individual BOffs, more players would be inclined to buy more costume sets from the C-store, or participate in Summer / Winter events longer in order to redeem more costume variants.

In other words, instead of a player grinding only just enough Lohlunat Favors to outfit their captain with only one type of swimwear, the same player will now want to play much longer in order to outfit their BOffs with different types of swimwear.

tl;dr - More BOff costume slots = more players wanting to pay ZEN for more C-store outfits / players participating in special events longer to earn costumes

- When this suggestion for additional BOff costume slots was raised in the past, some forum members argued that this would result in "too much data storage overhead for each player"; however, as for S9.5, STO is already adding overhead to support features like Starship Loadouts, Reputation Marks, and most of all, a separate R&D inventory.

There are certainly differences in the data / items being stored (i.e. a simple quantity value for marks or items with stats vs. a complete costume), but my personal belief is that additional unlockable costume slots for each and every BOff per player isn't too much of a stretch.

I'll put up some concept art tomorrow, to see if I can sway some more folks.

Game features I'd like to see improved / expanded: Better Ship Interiors // BOff Costume Slots

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# 4
07-19-2014, 03:00 PM
it would be nice to be able to link a couple of Bridge officer costumes to the main character. even if just a main and an alternate, people would enjoy it I think.
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# 5
07-19-2014, 05:56 PM
I've gone ahead and edited my initial response to include some concept artwork for the various UI and systems required to make BOff costume slots viable in-game.

Hopefully one of the devs (thomasthecat, perhaps?) would be interested.

Game features I'd like to see improved / expanded: Better Ship Interiors // BOff Costume Slots
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# 6
07-28-2014, 04:45 PM
Sumghai, that is exactly what we need! Thanks for the work and posting it - if now Cryptic can find this and run with it.
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# 7
07-28-2014, 11:32 PM
this is a great idea i only hope ttc is checking this post out.
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# 8
07-29-2014, 09:51 AM
I can also imagine a drop-down menu instead of placeholders. Something based on the loadout function where we can unlock additional drop-down menu points.
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# 9
07-29-2014, 10:38 AM
This would be so awesome.

I find I don't buy many new outfits for my boffs because they can only wear one at a time and that save mechanic is iffy, so when I tend to find something I like, I keep it for years.

I would definitely invest in boff outfit slots, if not just so I could swap between everyone being in uniform when on my bridge and in Omega/maco combat gear when on away missions.
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# 10
07-29-2014, 07:22 PM
This is actually a good idea, so I doubt Cryptic will implement it. They are probably thinking of new ways to gouge player base with more lame rep grinds instead of actual content and nice features. Can't give the player base logical and useful features, that would make too much sense...
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