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While I can respect your subjective...
Originally Posted by xenification View Post
...I really don't understand some of the arguments against removing the star clusters...

...which is boring and useless and nothing but a crafting mats farm fest....

...the game doesnt need it at this time...

...which is clearly not what was intended...

...content that was only used for doff missions and farming.... wont be missed i sure as hell wont it was a awful and boring part of the game and im not sad its gone...

...those are the 5 main arguments ive seen and ive added my own personal answers to it... for them making star trek less star trek, thats quite a pathetic argument...
...opinions, your use of ad hominem...
Originally Posted by xenification View Post
...anyone suggesting that players will burn out because their farming zones are missing are clearly just stupid...

...If you cant then you are simply childish and no amount of stomping your feet will change the fact that its gone and never coming back in the form it was so grow up... far as im concerned from what ive seen here theres just a bunch of butt hurt people who cant farm anymore in those particular areas...
...does not actually do anything to support that subjective opinion. Bear with me now (or skip the part labeled with AD HOMINEM "formatting", which I dimmed to make doing so easier)...

[AD HOMINEM] Only an idiot cannot be bothered to make a reasoned argument for their own position, and those idiots really seem to support the removal of the Clusters. Heck, those must be the same idiots that got lost in the Clusters in the first place, as they clearly traded their apostrophe to Q just to get back out. [/AD HOMINEM]

Yes, that was a joke, because that too was an ad hominem and doesn't do anything to support my argument. What it does do is serve as an example of why that type of argument is not constructive. Did you suddenly feel the need to stop insulting your fellow forum users, or did you merely get offended and stop reading the rest of my response? If it was the latter, I apologize, and hopefully you finished reading in the /quote you were about to use... and now understand exactly why ad hominem arguments are not effective.

I do get where you are coming from in a general sense. The Exploration Clusters were, to you, crap content that you won't miss. The thing is, the presence of the Exploration Clusters did not actually force you to play them, which meant that their presence should not have negatively affected your gameplay experience. The loss of the Exploration Clusters, however, forces players that did enjoy or benefit from them to no longer do so; that does negatively affect their gameplay experience.

"I didn't like the Genesis content, so you can't miss the Exploration Clusters."
"I have a sandwich, so you can't be starving."
There are notable similarities.

For me, the Exploration Clusters themselves weren't a huge loss, but I actually used to enjoy doffing; as there was only a partial conversion into the Interact Points, many doff assignments have gotten far less common while others simply don't have any possibility to appear at all. I miss the availability of the assignment chains and the utility of bridge invites; between those and the doffing UI I no longer enjoy doffing. Tuffli/Cell Ship owners also ended up taking a huge hit as far as the usefulness of their craft, which for many was the very reason they bought those particular ships in the first places... to contribute to the community.

I also saw a few inaccuracies in your post...
Originally Posted by xenification View Post
...while they work on a new system...

...If they've removed it, they will likely bring it back but much much better as they originally intended...

...what it does mean is they intend to replace it which is why its likely they will replace it in 10.0 or 10.5 and quite frankly I can wait

considering its obvious they intend to replace it soon or they wouldn't of taken it out they know its an important part of the game and the franchise itself meaning they want to bring it back but much better
...related to the likelihood of the devs replacing exploration, since the devs have stated that they would like Foundry authors to fill the void*. They have not actually commented on the possibility of replacing the Genesis content themselves, instead commenting on the very inability of the Genesis tech to accomplish the goals of what they wanted out of exploration. This was used as part of the justification to pass the buck to the Foundry authors.

These other bits of your argument...
Originally Posted by xenification View Post
...which is useless if you are essentially doing the same thing over and over and over without and variance which is clearly not what star trek was or is. Strange NEW worlds... Emphasis on the "new"...

...because there is no need to replace it just like that when a lot of what is in said content is redundant and repetitive and just allows people to farm mats...
...I also have a hard time accepting. Much of the current STO content is intended to be repeatable, to the point where acquisition of Very Rare crafting materials is limited to Elite queued missions; further, those missions only reward a chance at Very Rare crafting materials. The actual in-game method to acquire materials is indeed the "same thing over and over and over" for a chance at the materials you need. I simply can't accept the argument that repetitiveness is a valid reason to remove content, as far too much of the remaining content is itself intended to be played in a "redundant and repetitive" manner.

Originally Posted by xenification View Post people really need to think before you speak. Some people just really go over the top.
...though, is worth making note of.

*One dev did make a "Well there's your exploration!" joke on an unrelated subject, but as a joke it does not actually indicate that the content he was referencing was really meant to be a replacement.

Originally Posted by meimeitoo View Post
I do not like Geko ether.
Originally Posted by gavinruneblade View Post
So I know exactly why we're not being asked to pay to hear the voices.

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I started doing System Patrol Missions to substitute the loss of the Exploration Clusters, just to have something different to do. Just sick of grinding the same mission regardless of what rewards they might add.

Over the Dilithium Weekend I picked up the Empire Defense missions KDF side. I've done these a few times and forgot how bad they were..a lot worse than the clusters but, same format basically. I guess these missions are up to Cryptic's standards and the clusters weren't?

For those who have never played these, they are the same map, same enemies, everything. Start off by zoning into a Nebula where your sure to find a noob lost. (hehe) You scan anomalies for enemy signal then are transferred to a combat map where you have to take out 6 mobs, leave the map, scan more anomalies for a total of three maps. Battle Cloak is broken on these maps as I couldn't uncloak, had to leave map, lose progress and go back and start over.

On the bright side we're getting Crafting Bonus Weekend. (facepalm)

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Originally Posted by leadme2kirk View Post
I started doing System Patrol Missions to ...
You do realize now that you've posted that, the next thing they get rid of will be ...

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Originally Posted by vermatrix View Post
The development team's logic seems to be that it's already replaced by player made foundry missions so why bother, and, a lot of the player base seems to think that's great, but the fact is that the game is owned and run by Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic along with CBS having a say in the game, they are the ones making money from it so they should be the ones to dish out a replacement. Why should the players have to do it? they are not being paid, they were never hired by anyone.
Unless I'm wrong and never got the memo, I haven't heard that Cryptic is no longer developing the game, but instead leaving it up to the players to do it. Oh, wait, I'm not wrong, so the developers need to get to work and stop trying to push their jobs off on people who are not responsible for the game's development.
Some players will be happy with anything that Cryptic dishes out, they just like to pew-pew. Some, never. I just think Cryptic can do better.

Regarding Foundry content, I agree they shouldn't be falling back on the Foundry to make up for their lack of effort. Foundry content is great but it's all over the board with various level of quality and subject. We are paying Crpytic to create the content, not just ship$, grinding maps, season episodes and ship$. Did I say ship$?

I believe that unless they can see a direct relationship between playtime and purchases, they won't do it; they won't dare to innovate and be different, just stick to the standard MMO methods making STO just another MMO. This is where STO is now, but with less content than before.
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Originally Posted by sunfrancks View Post
We're going to need a bigger bloat!
Fixed that for ya.
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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
You do realize now that you've posted that, the next thing they get rid of will be ...


That's why I can never buy LTS! haha
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I'm just visited this forum to say that... (haven't played for a year)

I'm DEEPLY DISSAPOINTED that those clusters were removed.

I REALLY liked it... A very casual, solo gameplay, where i can do some RP...

Actually, i've liked it more than all these STF grind. pew-pew 24/7.

So... Hello and goodbye, i guess. Not interested.

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Hi there, have back on STO from a long pause, and i saw that the cluster were removed. a bit desapointed as it was for me a good play to explore random world and have random mission and breath the "ST spirit".

So i'd like to know a resume about what's happen since.

Will we have the chance to see a new system allowing us to go and explore random worlds ?

Is Foundry is for now the only alternative for thoses who liked the exploration part that was STO before the Cluster end ?
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