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# 131
03-10-2010, 12:36 PM
great evening tonight

time to rock
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# 132 fleet name
03-10-2010, 04:25 PM
someone ask me why my fleet got his name and what it means well its a endboss in guildwars and i killed it allot and it dropped good items and took allot of time to get to him.
so my fleet is called after the boss.

i didnt want to have a number as a fleet name i prefer a name that got meaning for me.

we all choose what we like most i guess,

annyway goodnight and life prosper,
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# 133 Mission
03-11-2010, 03:32 AM
ok 2 sort of diplomatic missions i remeber now lol(you got me there)

1 diplomatic is answer a NPC question in a mission with multiple choice kinda answer and determened on the answer the game evolves around you.

2 diplomatic is misions we see now like get diplomat to there and drop him there and bring the guy back kill everything on youre way kinda stuf.

waay difrent perspective but same name

i did that borg quest where you had to beam down a planet 2 or 3 times (like the timetravelmission)
and i found it quite cool thing todo.

and yes i sinked it in a while doing exploremissions over and over than some random goto planet x ones and figured yes, we can use more missions i guess.
i like a mission that takes like 2 hours to finish but the afk autooption rly naggs me.
so like a ground mission where i have to goto planet few times and walk around for 1 hour than rego to same planet do other stuf for 1 hour.
awesome if you ask me

but than it suits more for a ground MMO i think
like if i go guildwarts i want to go ride a car but i cant not unless there is a party where i can beetlerun others.

there you go make a shipspeedcontest lol where i fly against someone and kill on my way there to unlock the 2nd part of the run and than a scoreboard for all to see how noob i am awesome hehhe

life prosper,
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# 134 next update.
03-13-2010, 01:15 AM
ah next update (for noobs respec)
and other stuf and as i thought all stuf availabla in the C-store thinking this game is getting more and more like free to play with expencive storeitems for sale lol.

Respecs, new PvP maps, new Fleet Actions, another STF ... Season One - Common Ground is pretty-pretty-pretty robust

ye thats true i would say.

and to add to this is like klingon is not well worked on as i made a klingon and noticed that they dont have the ennergydrain when you fly into a mob and turn of the engines to regain ennergy to youre ship.
1 of the biggest flaud i saw sofar.

2 is there cannons do way to mutch dmg i think but thats fine with me(it will come to tac to kill a noob klingon lol)

but i think personally that those 2 things need tobe fixed before you go spam more pvpmaps witch are way to mutch allready.
half of the maps anre never used why put more.

Facts : a klingon is a noob and if you keep that in mind you know they only fight in maps where they can win unlike feds they play anny map.

so this will not make a new map needed.

good play is fair play not nerfed chars or annything just fair play like if a fed ship got no ennergy when he enter a battle out from speeding towards an ennemy than i would think a klingon has to have same ennergydrain.

i am a scienceguy and sofar my char witch i worked on for 2 days to just build up and know where to put skillpoints is pretty useless in pvp.
allone i can easy kill a klingon but they got manny too manny things they count on like the above mentioned things.
ususally i dont complain cus thats what trolls do but focused on gameplay i can say these things.

my scienceguy gets killed in pvp so fast you dont wanna see the disapointment i get from it.
a klingon ship got these advantages over anny fed ship or officer.

1 no ennergydrain when entered combat out from speeding to a mob
2 bridgeofficers work better in kl;ingon with no recharge on skills for the same BO like science officers can use more that 1 skill like scienceteam than allso tyken rift unlike federation.

3 they got cloak and fed dont have anny advantages from our race like more dmg for a tac guy or better defence for a scienceguy or better hull for a engeneer.

awell just logging my thoughts here thats why i dont put this in engeneering report or whatever to keep the bats away from my thoughts.

trolls love to think there allowed to annoy people that like a game.

life prosper
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# 135 borg-queen/some ideas
03-14-2010, 03:07 AM
finally pwned that borg queen omg.

for a tip on how to make it abit easyer is take a personal shield engeneer groundthing to hide behind works great.

with a decent non pug group its great todo this mission.
allmost gave up on it.

i think that mission is to hard with that reset crap.
it soudnt reset and it should not be dayly but every 4 hour or so and i think other missions aswell cus its boring as hell to not be able todo annything if you done all.

but again taking out stuf isnt making a game great its the adding more stuf to it that make a game nice and fun to play.
remove the dayly and make it repeatable and i noticed that the collector and all are allready dropping massively in prise.
if cryptic dont listen they will loose this game but hey you can allway make it free to play like dungeons and large bankaccounts omg lol.

enable the respec allso its just turning on the /reset tree option as i remeber some did at start of the game but it could make youre char broken.

annyway if cryptic dont pull some strings here it go down for shure.

good things is that forum cleanup thats awesome work to whom did it grats and thx.

a messy place is somthing noone wants tobe in

i allso sugest some reward on plaing this long to keep plaers intrested like if you played from start you get a free item like a midlevel thing or some cryptic points.

add allso to the store some good hypos as i notice some actually use them

so free points for dedicated players and stacks of hypos in store would make it more apieleing and the dayly timer removed.

sofar great game and oh yeah it would be rly cool to add a explore zone with lvl 47 mobs to beat and a chance to solo some harder targets there.
for me it would be a great challance to finally kill some lvl 47 or 48 mobs.
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# 136
03-15-2010, 07:11 AM
good day to all in my fleet.
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# 137
03-15-2010, 04:54 PM
now that was a good fight and good night.
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# 138
03-16-2010, 01:26 PM
evenings people
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# 139
03-17-2010, 12:33 AM
erly in the morning guys
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evening fleet,
was that prepatch 1 gig or 11 gig cus i am shure it was 11gig as it took some time hehe.
my folder with the main STO and testserver and prepatch is now at a total of 24.7 gig thats prob main game of 12gig 7 more gig and this game will beat WoW on the amount of gig (WoW is about 18gig total incl all expansions)

annyone if you didnt see the last movie about common ground right? well it rly cool to see unlike the formet movie cus i didnt like it but it.

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