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# 151
03-24-2010, 01:23 PM
hi fleet how are you today.
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# 152 better or worse(the cure?)
03-25-2010, 11:19 AM
great work the patch has been released.
still reading it omg its long(and double lines make it longer )

nice to see there is like respec and manny more playable stuf like DS9 witch i will be doing soon.
i can see some thi9ngs i like to discuss about but the overall thing is good i guess.

somthing tells me they denied my DONT touch the dmg settings on skills, but the dmg on about everything is changed so i got loads of testing todo i think.

next time take abit less time for putting sutch update and more time for balance(thats why we got test server)
awell well see the pain if its there and i shure hope not.

i seen like 3 MMO i played go down cus of some guy having bad day nerfing the hell out of skills and kill the whole game.'
i warned and i hope its not true.
i am not being pessimistic about the update i am conserend about the skillchanges and weaponoverhaul
(and some discriptionchanges)

see you in game.

life prosper,
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# 153
03-26-2010, 06:36 AM
i did some PVP yesterday and i wonder what happened there.
35kills vs 40 kills on my side and i coundt capture anny posts in space (capture and hold space)

i couldnt see half the mines they spammed around me and got the klingon exploit 4 barrels guns on me killing me about instant and no chance to counter that.
so my exp for the game is going down so fast i cant believe it.
respec making you finetune the exploit rather than making a balanced skillset.

i see more klingonstyle tac build with dual heavy cannon exploit build now than i ever sawy before( i saw this comming from 10 miles away.)

next step is nerf dmg on somthing to make all leave game i bet(but i hope not)
this is what happens in manny MMO.

the allow turrets on all ships now lol.
and science is going down i feel like a noob with my pro skillset and all.

like woot some guy plant invisible mines than shoot me with 3 or 4 difrent heavy cannon than use a skill i think die fighting or somthing i never seen before.

i can take out allot of this klingon style builds and kinda laugh at the style so manny use to play a game.
but maybee i didnt fully see the dmg part as i am a healer with the lousyest dmg ever.
2 phaser and torp that fire every hour lol.

life prosper
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# 154
03-28-2010, 04:31 PM
hi fleet, i saw they updated abit on the pvp buggy stuf.
allot of minor bugges caused serious problems i think and its been fixed as far as i know.
soon i go play the cure but i dont want to at this moment.

maybee i did abit too mutch STO as i got a RA5 and a couple of commanders

i can say cryptic are doing great work on this MMO sofar and i believe they will do allot more.
the aproach of them towards an MMO i have never see anny company do before.

i mean update and caring for people is like 8+
and social/forum care is about 7

hehe i thought i give it a grade and shoot me if i am not right there

life prosper,
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# 155
03-29-2010, 02:54 AM
there i enlightened my mind and added my thoughts to eneneering reports so i can release on the effort

morning fleet how we all doing OFFLINE lol.

i will be offline too cus i dont know what todo in sto. oh i just remeber another thing erm back to engeneering.

life prosper offliners,
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# 156 done my work today.
03-29-2010, 03:02 AM
**** BUMP******

what does bump mean annyway?
someone explainme what bump is plz is it good or bad

life prosper
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# 157 Dummy : How to make a game
03-31-2010, 07:34 AM
hello fleet,
i hope there will be more updates soon lol.
atleast i got lifetime so i can wait forever for a patch.
srry to say this but i am sooo bored with STO and i felt i gotten annoyed even for the time it takes to drop us the patches we want to play the game.

i understand about respec and all that crap but it got nothing todo with the gameplay DP allso nothing todo with gameplay.

i want to able to do allot with a lvl 45 RA and i cant so why would i keep playing and get shot by overpowered tac officers that think thats whats pvp is.

PVP is about strategy choosing right sklills and fly at the right spot.
current PVP is at lvl 45 having a tac officer with exploit style build full air skillset (nvm the ground missions and all people you play with?)
equip a uge load of cannons and instant kill anny one that is within range.

ye nice but not for me.

i posted a uge load of things i would like to see.
but nerfing chars wont be the 1.
and i think some are rly stubborn and dont look at other games how they went to hell by nerfing it thinking it gets balanced and all people leave.

you add loads of content so mutch even if you would nerf it would still be fun thats how its done OMG.

making people bored and nervous about there gametime or being unable to do mutch at max lvl isnt the way for shure.

aah ye respec listen to this: you put respec but forget the fact you need ground and air.
what happens you add stuf to the basic ship skillup like shience vessel at lvl9 gives somthing more loool (i must be blind and noob)
i give you another advise CRYPTIC : you let people respec on 60700 points for a lvl 45 and DEVIDE it.

so ti will be 30350 on ground to freely put and than 2ns class or in STO its AIRskills allso 30350.


see how a pro makes games

you guys doing ok but you need more people like me i think

life prosper,
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# 158 how are you
04-07-2010, 05:59 AM
hi fleet.
i made some posts on forum about the game and the things i think thats need of chage.
i know people love to troll about ideas of others or completly ignore them.
this is the main reason not all people post on a forum with hostile people.

i must have the largest experiance on how stuf works or manny and manny rather go for the big bucks and condole the respect others to i dont care what you think adn you will do what i say policy.

as i buy this game for lifetime i figured i would be stpd not to post my ideas on what i want from a game after i bought it lol.

hahh think about it : i buy a lifetime on a game and after 4 months i post a thing on a forum of the game telling how i would like to game to be some day.
kinda ironic to see the annomaly in this.

i was in the impression that i would not be able to go lvl 50 untill a few weeks after release for things tobe stable right.
no there was nothing when i hitted lvl 45 and there still isnt mutch exept loads of stuf thats totally irrelivant to a game like bridges on a klingonship.
i am wondering how manny wrote to the makers of the series of startrek complaing like we see 10 episodes and we want to see more bridges on the enterprise ship?
omg where is this going with bridgepacks for all tac exploitships 200 cryp points are we F2P now?
i payed lifetime give me my exploration i want todo as i am a fan of startrek to boldly go where noone got to and not to blodly goto the cryp store and buy bridges on a klingon ship OMG!!!

see i better put my thoughts here where its saver than on the main forum cus if i would post like this i get the trolling stamp by the federation counsil bann.
this counsil is another reason not to post annywhere as remeber this annything you say can and will be used against you in the future as we will as a counsil discuss you and take youre loot as we are te borg and we got the power.
i seen them posts about people from fleets getting robbed right? well i can say i got my fleetbank open for months and nothing ever gets taken.
its not whos is bad its who is exp enough to manage a fleet in style and not the way it is now.
a fleetbank should not have 200 mill inside 1 week after the game went life and 6 fleettabs trust me.
and posting massively on some pirates robbing there banks shows me there is somthing going on in this game i dont like at all.
if youre fleet or mine for that mather gets robbed i would feel bad and i dont condole it.
but to use aliaces and all to allow this tobe a discussion on name handles than its like WWIII online.
you dont juge people in a game just because you are to uptight to handle a loss.
and putting a counsil is making this all like the worst place to be.
if i have an issue regarding a game i talk to the makers of the game.
if they dont respond i figure there buissy.
if they say were working on issues like lagg or somthing and i see relation to my issiue i stop worry about it.
why the hell i need a counsil.
you know if a fleet is like with the counsil they can and are allowed to loot everything ingame from you and if you against the need greed rule you are not allowed to play or you get banned by counsil style(making you not to be able to group with people as they all are in the collective lol?
we are the counsil resistance is not allowed and wont be tolerated you will be assimulated by all our alliances lol
hahaha funny man trust me i seen this happen allot lately.
than you get some others getting abit to serious about a game like some people using there people backgrounds to kill others and make it rly rly personal or some will rule above the counsil and there pets and make shure there will be noone taking a single drop without there authoraty.
hell i seen it ingame as i lost my 250k purple item to some guy.
its called indoctorination of power to the minoraty.

good work on everything exept gameplay wuhuu DDD
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i notice some people love to spam and quote and troll forums giving the so called minority not a chance on participation in whatever talk is going on.
a council will be made to controll the minority as erm confusing isnt it.

if you type in anny forum thread it will be overrrun by allot of quotes on some weird subjects snowing youre post to nothingness.

the minority players as some of us are being called now by criptic will be like erm i dont see anny use on posting on this spammfest forum.

if they controll the forums than we allready have a council in my eyes and we dont need more counsils.

or make a bann player council on if you say 1 bad word we bann you council.
of if you loot anny purple when you are not allowed by us majority we bann you council.
cus we contrioll lol.

pathetic how this game is going to waste.

clean the forums +++++++
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# 160
04-08-2010, 03:25 AM
asking my opinion is like asking a reason to bann me?

i feel now like CRYPTIC is trying to find people to bann for telling truth (LIKE **** ONLINE DOES ASWELL).

the will remove yoyre posts and bann you saying you are in violation with some copy on the post and out of context.


what you think of this game is the question right

you say i dont like the fact you guys contrtoll the market ingame by not fixing annything.

now when you remove the question its has becopme an insult

tadaa ye man were power you power but we know and you dont.

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