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04-08-2010, 04:29 AM
see you guys in a a long time i am out of this hothellhole called forum

i think they will bann some soon trust me

noone likes the truth when it hurts.

we dont need people that juge we need people that SEE the truth.

`i look at you, you look at me and you look away.`

life prosper th those who care and are from Netherland only.
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07-22-2010, 04:58 PM
yey few more days and the lvlcap will be increased.
i personally will return to this game for me to lvl up.

untill further notice.
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note of intrest

i like to add my thoughts to youre post here.
i went back to \sto 1 week ago for lvl cap raise and hoped i could finish my perfect pro science char.
i find out at the end a recon science vessel isnt ingame for my tier(highest tier)
so i am stuck on a deep space vessel and cant fly a recon vessel as i trained for that (special reasons)

so this kinda breaks down my scienceskills abit and i am flying a ship i didnt trrain for.
this show to me that cryptic isnt working on science chars or there abilitys.
i allready got my skills changed badly for me(i worked out a plan at closed beta allready)
now its like 1 year later and my scienceguy is still worth not mutch in PVP air combat.

the reason for all this is that tac guys all spec to full dmg and not working on anny other spec for there char.
result: ground comat is 1 shot kill by those chars.(known from like start)

*solution : Make a char that isnt specing on ground but just air loose dmg while people using full ground and air specs gain dmg or armor or whatever you see fit.

its just for me to see exploit like full air dmg and 0 spec on ground combat as an exploit to this great game.
if you talk about a decent fight that somthing needs tobe done overall not just upgrade a scienceguy.
its just too easy todo so.
with advanced char procs there is way more expertise needed for a good char.
all i see is people massivly run tac guys with uber dmg (exploit) and noone can beat it.

klingon VS Fed is like 30-1 on deaths anny PVP match.
it isnt cus a science guy lacks skills.
same with the mentioned running in combat is allso not nice or cloaked during combat.
ye i run science to beat this but for the time this game is up they only made it worde for science underdogs like me
i went offline when i was max rank cus of this crap.
now i came back to max my char with the lvlcap raised to see same stuf still happening(while science had a overhaul like 3 months ago)
fair pvp is what cryptic is scare of cus they think people quit game well i quitted and restarted and allso quitted again as a lifetime subscriber and no suport on this (waste of 250EURO)
i am patient however and will wait another year for cryptic to wake up and make this game the way its met tovbe and not just suport the exploiters in there lousy gamestyle.
this style of PVP has nothing todo with tactical PVP or being RAMBO as someone mentioned as some die fast in PVP.
people allways seemed to yell at others not knowing why ;D

i just hope they make a balance on how you setup youre skillpoints.
good = balanced grondskills and airskills
bad = just ground or just airskills (causes exploit or Uberdmg and isnt part of this game as it is now)

as long as cryptic dont reconize this i wont play this.

and i want my Exploration Science Ship for my max lvl scienceguy and not the deep space ship
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09-15-2010, 04:04 AM
*Remembers the Ursa day's and the Perma Sin DoA runs*
Good times good times...

Good luck with your fleet!
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09-15-2010, 04:05 AM
in short line is that balance is great for pvp so maybee they should make the pvp skills difrent than pve.

like the dmg during pvp should be balanced more or less and not be like tac with 8 lasers aiming at a scienceguy with 2 laser

nothing todo with being good in pvp or staying out of dmg or tank those guys cus they 1 shot everything and if they get shot at the run like chickens.

takes my as science about 5min to take down a ship.
running a tac with full air specs ONLY and front cannons and back 360 lasers about 10sec.
i cant put lasers on my scienceship in the back.
tac however can still use 6 lasers in a combat aiming 1 guy in front of him.

so conclusion is they are overpowered and reason for me not to play this cus i dont like a loose loose situation.
i seek games where there is win/loose situation as it is challange.

atm PVP is not like this. and pve content i did all and i aimed for both pve and pvp and ground and air.

tip would be make more than 1 char but i need time to think if i rly want todo this effort for this.

i dont even have a endgame ship for my max char and its my first lol.

so sad i cant fly around in a explore science **** thats from my tier buhuuu:p
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awesome isnt it i pay 260 euro for a game and my tickets dont get answers and in a forum you can ask same question 1000 times and still dont get the correct answer, just trolls to annoy you during youre voyage to an answer.

i need my retrofit rec science vessel as i reached max lvl ages ago.
i ask for it and wont get correct answer like if cryptic would say srry dude will take 5 months i am all satisfied.
no they leave me in the cold as i am prob EU meaning not important(this is my exp with most MMO treating eu players.)
but hey i can wait i am lifetimerrrrr
give all the nice treats to the US guys and hell put a new tribble.
if all this is done, maybee just maybee they look at my question.
i finished like 3 MMO during the voyage of getting a retrofit rec vessel for my scienceguy lol.
some think there smart some think there superior yet noone cares for real

live cool,
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11-21-2010, 07:50 AM
hey guys how are you all.
i go offline again as i refuse to play a game if it dont have the stuf rdy to play endgame still.
allthough this game is getting more and more and i am glad for it )

i save all this added stuf to the game untill i get my ship i NEED.
sad i am sooo unimportant so i better put a sock in it before they bann me for asking a question

bye all i gtg play games that got actualll gear for classes at the end of there games

live lame,

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