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I am Fleet President/Rear Admiral ZeeZee. This is a simple post for recruitment , we dont "zone chat" recruit in game. We are a small group of adults who enjoy STO, Grouping, Exploring, Having fun , and Helping each other. We are looking for similar minded others who would like to grow with us as a Fleet. Many of us are lifetime subscribers, but it isnt a requirement. Come make new friends!
We have few rules, and a simple Fleet structure designed to help each other grow in STO. We also have Ventrilo, and an easy going player base. We cut up and have fun. If you are like minded, lets meet. If you would like to try us out and give us a shot to try you as well, Contact me via our website or ingame anytime.

Website .......

In game Fleet name : K.I.N.E.T.I.C.

K ... Kitava : Adventerous
I ..... Isologue : Powerfull Individuals
N ... Netrium : Powerfully Connected
E ... Exporian : Explorers
T ... Trenu : Strong Fleet Unity
I ..... Iterata : Creative and Innovative
C .. Coacto : Cooperative Fleet Actions

How KINETIC are you?

............................................Fleet President, ZeeZee@krondin < Rear Admiral 5 >
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2 Fleet Structure and Info
02-14-2010, 12:27 PM
Our current Fleet Structure is set up to be simplistic, yet rewarding and attainable. We promote based on 2 things. 1) Your Main characters Rank and 2) If the majority of those above you agree you should be advanced. Example: your Main character is has just reached Commander and you are currently a LtC in the fleet ranks. Those higher will be asked privately if you should be advanced, if the majority agree's, then you are advanced to Commander in fleet rank as well.

As we Grow as a fleet we will also follow a basic guideline on how many of each rank in fleet are allowed. Ranks and aprox amount of fleet population totals are listed here..

1) Fleet President < leader > = 1
2) Fleet Admirals = 5% ... this is a leadership < officer > type role
3) Fleet Captians = 20% ... this is a leadership < officer > type role
4) Lt, LtC, and Com = 65% ...this is the Main Player Base of the Fleet
5) Enlisted = 5% ...This is our entry lvl rank, < a try us and we try you rank , temporary >

If you are looking for a FUN group of people to play Star Trek Online with, give us a try anytime!

.....Thank You for your Considerations....... Fleet President , .... ZeeZee@krondin <RA5>

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