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02-14-2010, 04:44 AM
Eh, who cares about that, after the free month the PvE crowd 'trying out' PvP goes away anyways. And by that time we might have the FvF they are going to add. If the klink faction even survives the introduction of FvF, the few groups that will still queue up for KvF will be fed premades.

I mean, unless I'm in a premade, I know I'm going to keep to FvF, since the likely hood of ending up in one of the awful premade vs. pug matches will go way down.
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02-14-2010, 05:33 AM
Good post with some excellent advice. I would change the tite though.

I play both Klings and Feds and I have noticed that yes the klings definately seem to be better pvp ground players but that is because its all we can do.
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02-14-2010, 05:53 AM
Most fed players suck at everything, not just ground combat, dude. True story.

As for contributing to your list of tips, Pulse Rifles are probably the best Expose weapons in the game. They hit like ****ing trucks when I get Tricorder Scan up, and seem to expose way more often than any other weaon I've used besides the Arcwave types. They also send people flying across the screen when the high knockback chance procs, and they can be used from maximum range.
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02-14-2010, 07:27 AM
I've levelled both Klingon and Fed characters to Captain levels and I've pretty much seen the same amount of horrible players on both sides in ground PvP. I guess I was unlucky on my Klink.
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02-14-2010, 08:35 AM
Originally Posted by Slamz
Granted I realize that sometimes Feds get shafted with people like this: (right click, save as)

But in general, you people are just awful at ground PvP. You're so awful, it's not even fun for me. I'm tired of games with 40 to 5 scores. It's been true T1 - T4 and on my alt it's still true T1 - T2 on the second pass.

You people are terrible.

Here's just a few pointers:


You have a map. It is mini. It shows you where your teammates are. You should try to find them. Finding your teammates takes priority over finding enemies unless you are winning by a lot, like me.

2) Get a split beam rifle.

What weapon are you using right now? That weapons sucks. I don't care what you answered my question with. It sucks. Throw it into the dumpster. I don't care if it's a purple dual pistol drop that you paid 2 million credits for. It's trash. Get a split beam rifle. If you're tactical with a lot of ground combat training (T3+) get two.

The sniper rifle is superior in a 1v1 fight. Are you fighting 1v1? No. So get a split beam as your exploit weapon. For your second weapon either get a second split beam (guns do not share timers, even two identical guns) or a good expose weapon. I personally suggest a stun pistol (which has good range on the special attack) or a "full auto" weapon, which will have good range. The other pistols don't have enough range to do what you need them to do and the cylinder AE weapons don't hit enough targets. Get a good long range cone AE expose weapon to go with your good long range cone exploit weapon.

Or, as mentioned, just get two good exploit weapons, especially if you're Tactical (I do so much damage with full ground combat training that I don't need an expose to get a lot of kills).

Don't bother with melee unless you are winning by a lot, like me.

3) Get the proper kit.

Engineers! Listen up. DEPLOYABLES ARE WORTHLESS HUNKS OF CRAP. I'm sorry, but it's true. All of your deployables are stupid and worthless and awful. Throw your stupid deployable kits in the garbage immediately. If you want to whine to Cryptic, feel free to do so but in the meantime GET A BETTER KIT. Weapon malfunction is a great ability. Mines are pretty good. That shield thing that buffs your resists is good. Just stay away from deployables.

Scientists! Actually none of your kits are awful but I suggest you go for the kits that do the most number of AE exposes. Think of an expose attack as an ability that says, "10% chance to allow you one-shot your opponent". Get those. The heals can be helpful too but you're rarely going to have the reaction time to cure an expose so I think the usefulness is fairly limited. If people want heals they can carry hypos.

Tacticals! Most of your kits are good. I'd stay away from Close Combat kits because melee is mostly just silly but cloaking can be a good way of dashing behind an enemy group and getting some great flanking shots. I personally like the Security kits because of the resist buffs and the "fake expose" which causes enemies to waste their special attacks (and also further buffs your allies' resists) but the Fire Team and Operative and Squad Leader kits are all handy too. Just make sure you keep your buffs up all the time.

4) Medium/Large Hypos. Stock up.

Find the vendor that sells T1 ground equipment for cash. He'll sell small, medium and large hypos. T2 and beyond you'll have plenty of money to blow on these things. Every slot on your character and in your backpack should be filled with these things. They cycle fast, they're big heals, they're cheap, there's no reason not to carry a hundred of them. There are also +damage expendables you can use that are on a separate timer from the hypos. There are also shield heal expendables but I don't find them that useful because shields heal so fast anyway.

I would probably never kill anyone with my bat'leth if you idiots would just use hypos.

5) Rolling ups your defense. Sprinting ups your defense. Roll and sprint more.

6) Are you taking fire? Get behind cover, you incompetent toh-pah!

7) Deal with melee spam.

If someone gets in your face, either get away from them or spam your rifle melee attack until they get exposed, then disintegrate them. If you don't do it to them, they'll certainly do it to you. (I usually sprint backwards away from these people because I'd rather bet that I can kill them with gunfire than take the 50/50 chance on melee spam to see who can expose who first).

8) Learn what the "expose" symbol looks like.

It's a red rotating circle type thing. If you see it on yourself then you're probably dead. In the unlikely event you can actually move, hide behind cover until it goes away.

Being exposed by most sources will cause a 10 second hold which means you won't be able to do anything except wait to die. It sucks. I agree. You'll just have to deal with it like everyone else.

9) Target Next Exposed

There is a keybinding for this. By default I believe it's bound to "G". It targets the next exposed person. This is very handy. Although your split beam rifle will tend to guarantee that you can hit exposed people without aiming at them, targeting them first will guarantee the hit.

10) Adjust your controls.

Did you know you can turn off that "zoom" feature when you go into aim mode? Makes ground combat soo much more enjoyable, in my opinion.

I also personally have my ground controls set up so that I never "automatically face off screen targets" (which will get you killed) and so that nothing I do will cause me to select a target unless I actually hit TAB. Normally I just hit "fire" and let it shoot whatever is in front of me. With my awesome split beam it really doesn't matter that much what I'm targeting anyway because I'm going to hit everything in a cone in front of me. Sometimes I will target someone to make sure I can chase them down and finish them off but I rarely find this to be necessary.

It's rarely necessary because most of you are idiots who will stand there behind your worthless deployables, firing your stupid worthless pistol and not healing yourself with hypos because you didn't bring any and not taking cover, so I can kill you without actually needing to target you anyway.

Now, heed this message and go forth and suck no more. You're boring me to death with your horrible, incompetent gameplay. It's like you're trying to grief me out of the game by just sucking as badly as you all do.

By the way, Jackelope, thanks a lot for rewarding the losers so richly that most of them don't even care enough to try.
Im a fed and many times Im in a group that likes to run off on thier own thinking they are space rambos. Its frustrating because when we get owned because no one wants to work as a team against a organised Klingon team I want to bang my head against a wall. I often wonder if alot of federation players are just using pvp as a means to power lvl and not play.
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02-15-2010, 03:40 AM
If you are a science officer there is a kit that gives an aoe root with a chance to expose. Every now and then it exposes two or three people. If you also have the split beam every now and then you get to melt half the other team. It makes them cry.
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02-15-2010, 04:01 AM
its not just feds, there are some klingon players thats lame, but not that lame that they sit there and die.

some players just don't know to actually "group" (invite) to make that team, although i don't get why its not automatic, sure would take away the few seconds wasted trying to invite.

Then theres the spawn...oops spawned in the middle of the opposing team, instant death. Needs to be corrected to either a set immunity and the inability to do anything till moving after a few seconds.

...this would be a advice thread, and I have nothing but recommedations for improvement game mechanic...mebbe add tribble bowl, hold onto the tribble for points to win.
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02-15-2010, 04:55 AM
I have a suggestion:
I know I'm an awful PVP player, but I think it's fun and I'm learning something new with every match. However, as you all realized, the organisation of "PUGs" is mostly non-existent. Often I wish one or two experienced players would step in, lead the team and tell us what to do, give us some practical lessons.
I appreciate posts like this, but the theory can only teach you that much. If you really want to see better PVP play, you might have to take us by the hand, if just for a few steps.
I'd be looking forward to to pass my experience on as well once I learn to PVP. I think you call that a snowball system?

This goes for Feds and Klingons, of course. I play and enjoy both.
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02-15-2010, 06:29 AM
Originally Posted by StoRmf5 View Post
Im a fed and many times Im in a group that likes to run off on thier own thinking they are space rambos. Its frustrating because when we get owned because no one wants to work as a team against a organised Klingon team I want to bang my head against a wall. I often wonder if alot of federation players are just using pvp as a means to power lvl and not play.
Doubt it, given how long it takes to get into a match fedside due to queues. I mean, yeah, the whole 'get as much xp whether you win or not' thing is pretty stupid, and seems tempting, but when you have to wait between matches sometimes up to half an hour or more even during the day, that's not efficient at all.

For xp they'd be better off grinding DSE's. For gear they can grind exploration (which is pretty similar to the pvp gear and faster to get due to no queues).
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02-15-2010, 06:49 AM
Good thread i learned a couple of new things.

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