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# 1 Pvp reward needs tweaking.
02-13-2010, 06:20 PM
As mentioned the pvp reward needs tweaking badly. I know it has been mentioned several times before but I think cryptic needs constant reminders and continual posts before they decide to do something about this.

First thing first is there should be a bigger discrepency between winning and losing the match. Those that lose should have 50% less reward than the winners.

I know it'll make playing Klingons more of a hassle... However... of late I've been seeing the trend of idlers (die once then cloak the rest of the match while doing other things in real life) and suiciders (running in without shields to die repeatedly to lose the game quickly) playing the game so that they can "sponge" or maximise their leveling time to the frustration of other players.

It ruins the experience of other gamers and though it's great to have a faction dedicated to pvp and some people only like pvp over pve... but if something is not done to address this people will quit the game as a result. Meaning less cash revenue for Cryptic.

Secondly increase the reward for "storming enemy outposts" and other "win" related quests. Currently "defeating the combatants of the enemy" and "Storming enemy outposts" are giving the same reward so there is no incentive for people to play the game as intended.

Third increase reward for support type players. It's extremely frustrating that as a healer/cc who is playing their role and doing teir job of keeping the dps players in the fight longer so that they can maximise their pew pew have their reward 1/3 less than the dps (in tier 2 the reward ranges from 70 for lowest dps to 120 for highest dps).

If something is not done about this people will just create cookie cutter dps type klingons and then you can see the pvp match balancing going way out of whack and you'll get alot more complains... Reading from the forums alot of people complain that tier 2 pvp is unbalanced to the fed and there is alot of gripe about science vessels being OP. If Klingons actually create science type vessels tier 2 will actually be VERY even.... I once joined a klingon team with 2 science spec and 3 escort spec vessels and we won 16 matches in a row (would have been 20 but we lost one 14 to 15).

Also register people that cap resource points in "capture and hold" pvp matches... Currently they're not getting love in the reward system for playing pvp matches as it's supposed to be played.

We had ZERO issues with fed balling... and we never stayed cloak for a long time (except at the start to get to feds)...

Healer/cc people needs some loving... and we need to stop people from exploiting easy reward systems.
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# 2
02-13-2010, 06:52 PM
I agree butt hey also ned to fix or make the PvP missions clearer. A lot of them tell me to fight/win against the feds I keep fighting and winning against them and my missions never update.
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# 3
02-13-2010, 06:57 PM
I was coming here to make a similar post b4 I found yours, been pvp'n on my Klingon alot since I max'd my fed. On the capture and holds the entire klingon side just stays cloaked for fast looses/xp. I'm a big fan of having to do stuff to get xp this is just a terrible system atm. If your a dps, heals, cc or water boy you should get your xp based on your class and how you played it per fight, not how well you cloaked and how fast you lost.

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