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Originally Posted by gurugeorge View Post
I've just gotten Psych Warfare, so will see if more pull + bigger well = even more fun.
I've already tested it. It dosnt.

As for subspace decompiler the only use for this is to combine it with an extremely high damage build which can exploit the moment of opportunity that the disable on a photonic shockwave provides. in such a situation the few points of a second that the skill provides can be the difference between popping your target or not.

Of course this makes subspace decompiler a skill for sci-scorts and raiders not science ships, especially as there are very limited opportunities to buff it through equipment so multiple sci console slots do not help with it any way.

It used to be that photonic duty officers could reduce the cool down on photonic shockwave torpedo, when that was the case I did have some quite annoying science ship builds with it, but STO today is a very different place now. Even if this had not been nurfed other areas of powercreep have made this less then viable.
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07-17-2014, 10:10 AM
I don't know the boff layout for the nova but all I can recommend is that you also use theta vent console and if the ship can use EWP1, then use that in addition to TBRs with doff + GW, stack partigens.

Use assimilated module for universal graviton gens, and tachyokinetic for more universal gravimetric points, but it's really up to you, I would personally use full maco set with it, or undine set, as maco has cooldown reduction on it's own(+particle/graviton based ability), and undine has 2 particle generator based abilities, you could also use full solanae set, it is fairly nice, it has oh **** button, partigens, its fairly defensive.

Partigen consoles
Eject warp plasma
Theta vent plasma
Tractorbeam repulsors 2 with doff that makes it pull enemies,

Activate ewp, dash in with tbr active, dont forget to lay ewp or theta which ever that ship can use, to keep the enemy together, best crowdcontrol there is.


No more help for you.

Good luck!

Hh yes the gravimetric torpedo, take that one! And consider tractorbeam mines and web mines!
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