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I am running your garden-variety Aux2Bat Engineer FAHCR build and have been using Romulan & Advanced Fleet Plasma beams for a while. I hear people mentioning success they have had with Anti-Proton weapons and I am wondering if the investment into a total weapon remodel is right for me., especially for BFAW attacks

Been using the Borg 2 piece set but am kind of bored with it and the ship graphics it provides. Looking at the 2 piece Nukara maybe but am still not clear on the benefits of it???

Also, I have no idea what Warp core I should be running. Just been using a Obelisk WC I got from a mission drop...

Our Fleet Starbase should have a Tier 4 Shipyard done in a few days then will probably switch to a Fleet Avenger build....


Thanks all suggestions and comments!
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07-16-2014, 08:07 AM
If you plan to switch to AP then you have the right warp core. (Pretty sure that core gives a AP boost)
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07-16-2014, 08:12 AM
Last time I checked I believe romulan plasma weapons were the best regarded, for parses, data and builds using them would search for posts by sarcasmdetector.
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07-16-2014, 08:17 AM
You probably don't need to switch weapon types.

You need more weapon power.

EPTW instead of EPTA.
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07-16-2014, 08:22 AM
^ This. Besides, AP is an audio assault to other players
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07-16-2014, 09:03 AM
AP is greatand when you use the Obelisk Warp core you already have tohether with the Omni directionyl AP Beam array from the same mission you get a AP bonus for free. THe Omni Directional array is weaker than a normal Beam Array but fires 360 so best used as an aft weapon. My layout is 4 fleet AP beam arrays in front and 2 Beam arrays, the kinetic cutting Beam and the Omni directional Beam in back. Then you can (if you want) reskill and dont waste points on torpedoes but instead full skillpoints on Energy weapons.
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07-16-2014, 09:06 AM
I wouldn't. Since you're already set up to support plasma I'd focus on incrementally switching out your advanced beams with the Romulan versions. Romulan Plasma is widely considered one of (if not THE) best weapon types in the game. AP is also great but definitely not any better than Romulan Plasma. I'd also recommend you try to get your hands on some Spire tactical consoles asap and an Elite Fleet warpcore.

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07-16-2014, 09:59 AM
It depends, like anything, on what you want and why.

I like AP, but I like it because 1) I have a *lot* of characters, 2) I do not pvp (everyone seems to carry 75% ap resist or something), and 3) its cheap (related to #1).

Ap gets you some nice things: crit damage bonus, an aft weapon that is better than most*, and a free/easy to get set bonus for anyone that is not using a singularity warp core. The downside is the best AP weapons are fleet, and the rest are, depending on your circumstances, not the cheapest things in the exchange. Personally 2mil for a XI or XII ap weapon, and zero dil, is a bargain to me, but some don't see it that way. I just find EC easier to farm than dil, since its not limited per day.

That said, AP damage is not going to be any better than rom plasma. It might arguably be worse; its hard to tell since you can't use the same gear for both to do a fair comparison (you would need to use the rom plasma set for a plasma bonus, and that means the uber torp which is brutal when it lands, and the set zap dot, and the beam array, etc). I dislike the rom torp and beam array, personally. I like front facing weapons (again, i do not pvp), so the beam array is unimpressive to me, and the torp is nice except it *always, and I do mean always* either get shot down or the target dies before they arrive, etc.

While I LIKE ap, if you re-read what I said, the breakdown is really this: "ap costs less and has a nifty aft weapon option".

A full set of rom plasma means grinding the rom rep (time sink), paying a large sum of marks and dil for the set items (time and resource sink), and then buying either fleet weapons or rom weapons, both of which cost some dil, the fleet less dil but then you gotta farm fleet marks for them, and on top of that it generally means using the torp w/ TS in your officer lineup, and IMHO (beam array users get off easy here, or ppl that like the torp) it means having 1-3 inferior weapons equipped (1 assumes either torp or beam array are equipped, 3 means a turret instead of omni beam). A full ap set costs... running a boring mission two times, buying a set of AP weapons (fleet, identical to romulan cost), and nothing else.

If I had a full rom plasma build, I would not spend the time, resources, and such to swap. If I had a partial rom plasma build in progress, and were using the omni warp core and beam already... I would swap.

*the omni beam is great but if you use beam overload, it can be eat that for a wimpy hit. you end up needing to micromanage it too much.
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07-16-2014, 10:14 AM
AP boost to critical damage means damage scales as your crit chance goes up, while the combination of the AP core and 360 beam also provide significant boost to baseline damage. Plasma raw damage can be buffed the most, by doing things like experimental beam for drain reduction, 2-pc romulan set bonus, and fleet embassy consoles adding more +plasma damage, etc, plus plasma fire can stack up if you buff partgens.

My general rule of thumb is that I need > 13% crit chance to even think about using AP, since that is 1:8 crit-to-hit ratio (roughly one crit for every two weapon cycles). Its not hard to get there if you use whats available to you (including things like Superior Romulan Operative BOFFs from the fleet embassy, and locator consoles from the fleet spire), but it can be very expensive in terms of raw fleet credits and dilithium.

Even with that rule, I have mostly stopped building AP loadouts, and only use AP on a Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit anymore, and may even convert that ship to phasers at some point for other reasons (roleplay/immersion, access to c-store consoles, more AP resists in PVP recently, and so forth). Short answer, for PVE use whatever you like, you can do enough damage with anything if you support the build correctly.
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07-16-2014, 02:43 PM
Wow good stuff here, thanks!

At face value, if I stick with my plasma gear, does it seem like my current build would be conducive at all to the 2 pc Nukara set? Or maybe the 2 pc Counter COmmand set? Maybe a warp core from either set to round it out?

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