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# 1 Niggly little things
03-30-2010, 10:58 PM
Cryptic, ok, i would just like to say first off, i'm paying you money, every month, for an incomplete game. now i can appreciate as to why its incomplete, but i see the potential for STO and i'm here for the duration. The other thing is i am a roleplayer, not a good one, but one none the less, and i would like to post my RP story as it is on the site because the RP story is bad ass (theres mechs and a motor cycle chase, its just epicly awesome if i do say so my self, and some how fits within the startrek).

Anyways my issue is WHY THE HELL IS THERE A WORD CAP LIMIT ON ANYTHING!!! i mean i'm paying for this right? and as a consumer i believe that i should have you know unlimited word caps on bios and on the forum. mean what? you'd have to go down to the store and get a couple of 4 terabyte hard drives and install them on your server? Come on man, i'm paying for this, the least you could do is give me unlimited word counts.

its not even that difficult or expensive. and all of us roleplayers would be alot happier

I will now take flame bait

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