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There really should be a sticky on the autoupdate issue if there isn't one already. (Couldn't find it with search or stickied ANYWHERE)

My issue was randomly resolved really. After about my twentieth launch of the autoupdate it finally let me log in. I've been monitoring data with bitmeter and until 5AM I was unable to get more than .5kbps from the autoupdater. All of a sudden after about a minute of having it open it kicked into high gear and now I can log in. I left it on for hours last night, and have tried every solution in the book at least once. My advice to people out there, try every solution starting with the simplest and just keep trying them. My advice to Cryptic.... As a developer, 3d modeler, and programmer... is put out a manual update option for the love of god! With the number of issues that this caused upon release and the random outbursts of issues and complaints, an alternative is needed. It may seem unprofessional to have random files and updates floating around on the internet and p2p sites, but if it saves paying customers a lot of trouble, they will be grateful. You're in the entertainment industry, and entertainment isn't good when people feel forced to wait and have ridiculous download times or no download at all. No one wants to keep paying when service is bad.

I greatly look forward to playing this game, and from what I've seen at least the game was developed nicely, so don't assume I hate you cryptic, I just think something needs to be done for the serious issues at hand.

Of course the only time I got to the log in screen was when the servers were down (facepalm)

Important links and info if you are having problems with the autoupdate:

  • Make sure ports 7000 through 7500 are opened, and if possible make sure all ports are opened and/or you are directly connected to the internet (dmz host or similar option) For me, I had a direct connection to the internet and still had issues not relating to ISP.
  • (read through the entire thread to see if you have similar problems and solutions)
  • Ensure your ISP is not blocking you from playing the game
  • Contact a network administrator if you are on a school, public, or privately owned network
  • Patience is a Vitrue, but waiting 3 hours is a little long, if it takes more than 10 minutes with no progress shown (you might consider using a bandwidth meter to see if you are even connected at all) then there is probably something that can't be fixed just by waiting
  • if it hangs or connection drops try adding -autopatchtimeout 10000 to the target field in the shortcut properties (should look like "_____.exe" -autopatchtimeout 10000)
  • if all else fails file a ticket and spend time researching your ISP, Router, and any security software you have installed (it shouldn't have been running to begin with and you and I both know that, but sometimes they have background tasks running that you miss)

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02-15-2010, 10:51 AM
When logging in from the U.S.A. it is a very common problem I've run into that people can either log in but cant launch from the launcher, or cant log in at all. Try this solution I randomly found myself:

Turn Proxy to US for the log in screen on the launcher, then turn the proxy to none when on the patch/engage screen. Proxy can be found in options (and in Star Wars Force Unleashed lol)

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