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02-14-2010, 04:09 AM
This is a general call to anyone whos been gaming a while and may have been an old member or heard of us from other games or otherwise likes the sound of us.

Havent created a fleet yet were waiting to see whos out there and whos staying but will be looking to create towards the end of the month get in touch via this thread for now.

We do have a vent server Korosu is an old gaming guild started about 6 years ago in RFO
We are a multi platform guild, FPS/RTS/RPG most of the usual titles and some more random

we dont have any requirements save that your sociable old enough to take responsability for what you do say or hear, this is because most of us are laid back easy going sarchastic (*) insert words here (*)

Would be nice to see if any old faces have wound up here, but equaly new faces too fresh blood for the blood god and all that.
ATM its looking like we have more of us Brits playing with one U.S. player but as i said our guilds old and got players from more countries than i think iv heard of so we normaly have people from all sorts of timezones loged in to vent.

I could do the join us because bit but pah if your interested msg here or pm me, the hot wings and the strongbow are mine and diddys so bring your own or go dry ****s, peace out.

Korosu founder Swaith/Reaper/R.Reaper/MadCatz

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