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Hi Cryptic,

First off, thanks for making my Trekker dreams come true with this game. I do have a few gripes, but I'll only mention this one.

In the ship customization screen, you allow the option of changing the window type. Unfortunately, changing the window design also changes the escape pod hatch design. The problem is that all modern-era Federation ships have the blue slit windows (option 3) with the triangular escape pod hatches (option 1). You leave no choice but to have classic style windows with modern pods, or modern style windows with pods that only look appropriate on a Galaxy, Olympic, or Intrepid class vessel (from pictures from the series themselves, these ships had square pods), and stupid on everything else, especially the newest designs. Please make pods and windows into two separate options on the customization screen, so I and everyone else playing can eventually have a Sovereign with blue vertical windows and triangular escape pods like Utopia Planitia intended.


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