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02-14-2010, 03:04 PM
Hey I dont knoe if this is where I should post this but meh...

In an old forum I was part of we paid alittle extra to have our own blogs in there and members could view them if they wished.

I dont know on the cost in a place lie this etce etc...and I know my timing is a little early(so she says )

BUT just wondred if we had journal/captiains log's inthe forums if that would be an awesome way to turn this into a ntrek community..rather than "troll" community(LOL sorry couldn't resist ).

But seriusly it gives us a chance to expand on our bios, to maybe create stories that go well betyond a simple bio. If this mmo really doe's "make it" we could have ever expanding stories from fans themselves. Maybe it's just me but a forum full of trek fans and some of them writing indepth character arcs could be fun for some of us. Not everybodies cup of tea but it could be cool no?

Also might be a way to find some people to relate to as the average post here i dont think represents the person in real life(well i hope not! ) .

we really could make this trek world "complete" , any thoughts or is this just a silly idea?

sorry for my spelling..actually my typing ..this is "hit" and "run" (return)

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