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# 1 Revamping Sector Space
09-23-2010, 08:44 AM
Take note Cryptic:

The current incarnation of Sector Space is not necessarily badly done. It's main flaw is that the speed is labeled incorrectly, and it's very tedious to travel from system to system. Here's one idea on how to majorly improve Sector Space, and bring it closer to how things are in canon Trek:

- Re-label "Warp" speed into "High impulse", possibly reducing the current maximum speed as well. Traveling at maximum impulse in the shows always has been that it will take days if not weeks to travel between individual systems. In game time, it should take several minutes between 2 nearby systems. (note: adding a possibility to damage your warpdrive and requiring sending out a "distress call" to get rescued may be a future idea)

- Implement a "Warp" button, much like the "Full Speed" that exists while in a system. The camera distorts and stretches your ship, resulting in the familiar "warp flash". While at warp, you have limited/zero movement of your ship. You may be able to turn slighly, but vastly reduced compared to "high impulse". Turning your ship more than say 10-15 degrees to port/starboard, will initiate a warpdrive shutdown, dropping you down to impulse speeds.

Originally Posted by Tom Paris
Faster than light, no left and right. When possible maintain a linear trajectory. Course corrections may damage the ship.
The warpdrive should auto-engage if you select to travel to a distant system by use of the "System List". While at warp, your ship should not be subjected to the "Deep Space Encounters" unless you are several levels/grades below the DSE. The only time you should happen to "drop out" of warp, would be due to spatial anomalies, engaging superior hostile enemies, or when you've reached your destination.

In closing:

Extending the Sector Space to include ALL sectors without the need for having to load each sector individually (loading time kills the immersion factor in the game). A player should be able to leave the Sol System (which SHOULD include all of Sol, and not just Earth), set a course for Vulcan or Quo'nos or DS9, without having to load multiple times, reset the course etc. Due to the possibility of being dragged out of warp due to spatial anomalies or superior hostiles, the player would still have to actually monitor his travel situation. It would thus not become like the "Flight Path" system of WoW where you are entirely protected from outside influence.

I'd love for some constructive discussion on the matter, as well as possible imput from developers on how feasible this idea might be. Since it's been said that Sector Space is one part of the game they want to make some major improvements to, my suggestion above would (in my opinion) go a long way in doing so.


Another idea which came to me after considering the possibility of damaging your warp drive:

Travel at warp should have a maximum duration, a "travel bar" if you will, in which the faster speed you have, the quicker this travel bar gets depleted. Running your ship at "cruise speeds" will take longer time to get to the destination, but less possibility of downtime due to a depleted travel bar. Running your ship at "maximum warp" would deplete the bar faster and you'd end up at impulse speed for a brief period. This would be analogous to how ships have a Cruise Speed as well as a Max Speed. Ships can travel for several days at cruise speed, while mere hours at maximum.

Added a rudamentory "travel bar" to illustrate this last idea:
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# 2
09-23-2010, 11:36 AM
As for the Maximum Warp,Slipstream drive does that essentialy.
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# 3
09-23-2010, 12:21 PM
Slipstream Drive (at max level) is a nice feature indeed. It gets you to your destination -slightly- faster. But it's just a bandaid fix, and not a "total revamp" which my suggestion involves. Besides which, the slipstream drive is limited to a VERY SHORT duration relative to the amount of TOTAL time involved in crossing an entire sector currently.

Basically, I want travel between sectors to be a bit faster (maximum warp idea), with possibility of drawbacks by flying at full speeds (warp drive failure due to excessive use).

Sector space was originally designed to be "warp space"; Here's what it looks like, While your at warp. The result however, is that it pretty much feels like "System space", but without the ability to go at "Maximum warp".

In short:

- Reduce "high impulse" in sector space to be slower than current
- Add "warp" button in sector space which sets ship to "cruise velocity" (no penalties for long duration flight)
- Allow player to set the speed throttle to maximum (warp), allowing you to go faster but possible risk of flight failure (warpdrive shutdown)

Warp speeds should FEEL faster than current, and LOOK like your actually moving at warp speeds. Thus the idea of the "warp" button, causing the aforementioned effect of stretching your ship and ending in the well-known "warp flash" effect.
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# 4
09-24-2010, 06:36 AM
Bumping topic to top of forum. Is this forum even read? Not a whole lot of commenting. I'm sure i'm not the only one wanting to see a more canon approach to sector space in STO. Am I ?
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# 5
09-24-2010, 10:58 AM
Nice ideas, but no.

Travelling from system to system would take years, lets say from Earth to Alpha Centauri, which I think is the nearest star (about 1lightyear away?), at full impulse, which equals 1/4 the speed of light (warp 1), it would take 4 years.

No, I say, lets get rid of the sector space completey, if you go to warp a window pops up with ALL destinations to choose, and you see your ship in warp or your int while the game loads (much like in Bridge Commander).

Maybe the game can calculate some nearby other players (maybe nor farer than 1LY) and show them on an zoomed in sector space map ("M"). Parhaps even the Destroy missions, where you then could choose to drop out of warp and engage or just pass by (really, I know of no Star Trek technology that is common that can get you out of warp). But some anomalies could disrupt the flight and a new one can load while were still seeing the ship at warp and a BO windos pops up and explains. NO more loading screens at all!

You just fly in sector space and have no ability to interact with others, so what do we need it for? And imagine how much space would be free on the servers when they only have to "park" you for some time and dont have to maintain instances of full sector spaces and the players within.

And quantum slipstream is Andromeda. Nice feature play-wise, but not too helpful and so not Star Trek.
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# 6
09-24-2010, 12:08 PM
Originally Posted by cc_johnson View Post
And quantum slipstream is Andromeda. Nice feature play-wise, but not too helpful and so not Star Trek.
Interesting facts:

- Andromeda's full official title is 'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda'
- Gene Roddenberry created 'Star Trek'
- Quantum Slipstream was first mentioned/seen in canon, in Voyagers 'Hope and Fear' episode
- Later seen in Voyager's 'Timeless' episode and mentioned again in 'Think Tank'

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