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I think the headline speaks for itself. What series did you enjoy most? what was your favorit character in the seire? Why on both question?

For me it is pretty simple. I love DS9. Sure the show got a few problems, and the script is sometimes lacking. But i can honestly say there isnt one character i dislike in the show. And that says alot since there is alot of characters that are returning every couple of episodes. I think the characters are in general given the time they need to grow, and in most cases (Damn you Dukat for betraying my heart!!!) they grew in the right direction for that character. Not to forget that the way the characters interact with another also grows, becomes mpore complex through out the seasons. Something i think most of the other Star trek shows lack.
But what realy got me into DS9 was that it felt realistic, that it actually took place in the star trek universe. Sure it is fun to see say Piccard go from one wormhole to another, loging new anomalities wherever he goes. but at some point it dosnt feel realistic. Not to forget that you actually feel the timeline in DS9, something all other shows lack. Especialy Voyager. here is a funy thing: for all the episodes in Voyager to have the time to take place, they must occur within 14 of each other. Thats just not posible. Sure you can push a few days here and there, but then there is that time when they spend 2 months flying in Darkspace. that pushes episodes together alot. Perhaps not a big thing, but it is for me.
what moe can i say about DS9? oh yea you got to experience the political world of Star Trek in a way never done before, you got to see more of the common life. That means alot to me.

Drawbacks... Dominion and their damn supremacy. Sure all star Treck villains are supreme the Federation, but Dominion was just painfull. Federation got Phasors that can blow holes in tritanium walls, dominion dont care. Federation get a state of the art warship (The Defiant), it almost gets blown up by a Jem'Haddar scout. Defiant gets a state of the art cloaking device ((Cant remember if it is by the romulans or the klingon. think it was klingon)), Jem'Haddar spots it right away. Federation masses for a big battle, they get their asses kicked. Sure the Borg was technicly stronger than Dominion, but dominion was still painfully strong, and they had the brains to be a threat too. where Borg were only acting on programing.

Still, DS9 it is
About the characters. As said, i cant think of a single character i dislike in the show. But my favorite must be Bashier, or Ducat before he goes pahwraith. Bashier just has such a grans charm and realy evolves as the series goes on, and Ducat, who you at the begining hates (The good kind of hate), and later on realy sympathies with, its just beautifull character development in both cases. And the pairing. most of the characters have their perfect matches.
Quark got Odo, Kira got Ducal, Bashier got Garak, Sisko got that powercrazy priestess, Jake got Nog and so on and so forth. It realy helped flesh out the characters and their development.
Ok now that i think about it, i realy dont give that much for the powerhungry priestess. But i actually liked her in some episodes.

So thats me and my chois of favorit Star Trek Series. Whats yours?
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02-14-2010, 05:52 PM
TNG was what made me a Trekkie....btu DS9 imo was the ebst of all of the shows.

1. Great Secondary characaters
2. awesome story and plot lines...especially the serialized ones
3. Great character development in all of the characters.
4. some really great writing.
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02-15-2010, 02:31 AM
While I believe that TNG works best as Star Trek I also think that in terms of writing DS9 is the best series.
Seasons 4, 5, 6, and 7 of TNG however had great episodes and I liked the "family" even though the DS9 characters were "cooler".

It's a draw really.

If you get over the initial goofyness of TOS, the characters and the episodes provide great enterteinment and are actually quite cool. And sexy.

I never really got into Voyager. I began watching the first few episodes and it just didn't "click"...
It was teh same with Enterprise...
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02-15-2010, 02:36 AM
Simple reasons:
- No backup
- No supplies
- New races every few episodes
- Hirogens
- Janeway's ready room and its dark secrets

and the general feeling of awesomeness of the whole show. I still have half a ton of imported VHS tapes with around 60% of the episodes. I might buy the whole Star Trek series one of these days.
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02-15-2010, 02:44 AM
I used to really like Voyager and not be able to stand DS9. The show really went in depth into the borg and had a lot of great episodes. There was something really attractive about being cut off from the federation and exploring new space.

Now I really like DS9 and can't stand Voyager, and don't know how or why It was ever the other way around for me to begin with. Somewhere, somehow, I must have changed, but it doesn't make sense to me.
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02-15-2010, 06:10 AM
i liked them all. No preference, however my favorite episode was Doomsday Machine from TOS. Tell me Decker was not freaked out.
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02-15-2010, 07:54 AM
Voyager was the first Star Trek series I saw so that one will always have a special place. After that one I like TNG and DS9, DS9 more
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02-15-2010, 08:06 AM
Galaxy Quest FTW.

Only one I watched most of it's run was TNG. DS9 I bounced in and out of losing interest then one late night when I couldn't sleep I turned on the TV and the whole Dominion War (up to the point they had a lot of ships about to face off) was aired and I was sorry I stopped watching it. The DW episodes were really good.

Voyager I tried to like but just never connected to the characters at all. So I didn't care if any of them lived or died.

TOS reruns were nice but campy. But it's the 60's when they were made and so try to look pass that. Once you do, the episodes are pretty good and the characterization Roddenberry put forth in TOS was at the strongest of any Trek. But the limited budget he had to deal with and the limited technology he had in the 60's makes it hard to watch nowadays without laughing at all the stuff. Doomsday Device... did anyone else think they just used a picture of a log too?
But I guess TNG holds a place because it was truly the last Trek that Roddenberry truly had his hand in. All the others was by that other guy who should rot in Hell for what's coming up next.

ENTERPRISE: This show had nothing to it other than the name. While I didn't care if people on Voyager lived or died, I wanted everyone on Enterprise to blow up at the end of the second or third episode.
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02-15-2010, 08:11 AM
I've always liked DS9. The characters were more interesting, the Dominion War was extremely well written and handled, and it had Quark. Come on, how can you not like Quark?

Seriously, it just felt more... I don't know, involved. TNG/TOS were good and all, but they didn't really have an escalating, continuing plot like DS9 and Voyager had. Of the two, though, DS9 was better in almost every way.

I will hand it to Voyager, though. The crew of the Voyager seemed to care for each other. They were like some horribly dysfunctional family- good times.

Favorite character? Quark. Quark, Quark and Quark. And did I mention Quark? He was good comic relief, and he played off of Odo very well. Plus, I just like the Ferengi.

...I'm not even going to mention the foul, slithering abomitrocity that was Enterprise. Bakula was good on Quantum Leap, but whoever decided to put him on the bridge of a starship needs to be slapped a couple times.
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02-15-2010, 09:24 AM
I love star trek enterprise myself.

Not so technologically advanced as the other shows and mighty fun as it was the story of captain archer ;D.

I love the denobulan and T'pol and her inflated chest strapped to a stick XD.

Anyways the story and the Vulcan/human relationships were also very fun, temporal war not so much, but the final conflict with the xindi was great.

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