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Ok, if anybody has played just a LITTLE bit of PvP in this game, the only way to win duing a PvP match is to stick together, don't noob rush and well...act like a team.

Well, of course that's what joining a fleet is all about.

...Only problem is, my fleet among many is filled with members who all have diverse scheduls, therefore we all level up at different rates...which means that we cannot PvP as one big fleet but are forced to go solo in open PvP instances if we want to PvP at all because the instances have level restrictions on them.

But the consequence of going solo in open PvP intances is that randomly put together teams in STO rarely work together as a team, therefore 9 out of 10 PvP matches turn out to be suicide runs because that's the only way that us Feds can play most of the time in PvP, thus having both Klingon AND Feds demanding a death penalty.

...So the conclusion is: unless i LOVE getting pwned or like suicide run PvP missions(because that's what they turn out to be) the only way my fleet is going to seriously get into PvP is when we are all Admiral(which will be a long time from now).

My proposal is this: Private Fleet Intances

It's basically the exact same thing as the normal private PvP instances, but it can be a special kind of instance to where it doesn't matter what level your character is, it's open to all levels. That way large fleets can come together and PvP the way it's meant to be.

For example a Fed fleet and a Klingon Fleet can get together and pick a time for all of them to meet together on STO. Then when they are all logged in, one of the two fleet leaders can create a private instance that only those two fleets can join. Since there would be no level restrictions in this instance, that means that entire fleets(both newbs and vets) can all come together.

What are all ya'alls opinions about this idea?
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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02-14-2010, 09:02 PM
There is far too much potential for abuse (to power level players).

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