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02-16-2010, 03:03 AM
My first game console was a good old Atari 2600, and I don't mean a used one recently, I mean back when they were still more or less state of the art and sold in stores.

My first computer was a Commodore 64, back around '81 or '82ish, and that changed my life. I started programming, and that ended up being my career. Since then I've mainly been a computer gamer - I missed all the "console classics" a lot of people grew up on, because I was playing games on computers (and running BBS'es, heh). I do now own a 360, PS3, and Wii, though.

As far as other games, I mainly play MMOs. Right now it's STO and WoW. Yes, I play WoW. Look, the game is fun, stable, has many, many players to play with, and a ton, just a TON of content.

My favorite MMO of all time is EQ1, however.
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Originally Posted by Telekill View Post
That stinks that you've had lag. I play with my PS3 online quite a bit, but not with MW2. I'm pretty sick of the FPS genre in general as I think it's been way overdone this generation. That being said, that if you have RE5 or Uncharted 2, feel free to add me. We'll coop it up sometime. PSN name is the same as here.... Telekill. Just put in the subject of the friend request who y ou are and where I know you from.
Comes with the territory of living in Australia, net speeds down here suck!

I agree that FPS have been done to death of late, although the new Medal of Honour game that comes out late this year will probably get picked up as I have been a fan of that series since I was young. In fact the original Medal of Honour was one of the first games I picked up on the original PS

I have RE5 and played it for about an hour lol, should go and finish that!! The next time I get the PS3 online I will add you

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