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Originally Posted by mrmatheson View Post
Not to resurrect a dead thread but has anyone tried chronitons with torpedo spread for some AOE snares? Im cooking a sci/sci debuffer and this information might be useful. I'll probably go with disruptor or plasma beams. Rift em to drain power and pull em together then chroniton spread em to stop em.
I use Spread 2 and HY1 w/ Chronitons on my cruiser. Yes, if they are hit, they soak the debuff as well.
I find a great way to help mitigate the tug speed and turn rates of cruisers, and to help broadside that open/low shield, that they wanna turn from me.

(also good for other reason, but you can figure those out)

NOTE: I have seen where I'd hit a target w/ HY/Spread and no debuff came up. Then again, I've seen it w/ just a regular shot as well. Now this coulda been a bug, cus we all know torps are one of the buggiest weapons in the game. (mostly see this vs borg, especially cubes)

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