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# 1 Ground combat NPC respawns
02-14-2010, 11:55 PM
Ground combat so far isn't that hard overall, but compared to space combat (imo) it is not that great.
My biggest issue so far, at the level my character is at, is that in 2/3 of my ground missions the enemies seem to respawn infinitely.
Kill MOB 1 on way to objective. Start killing MOB 2, MOB 1 respawns, finish off MOB's 2 + 1, move on to MOB 3, MOB 2 respawns. Lather/wash/rinse/repeat until the mission is done.
The worst offenders seem to be wandering MOB's. Kill first group, wandering MOB spawns and attacks. Finish them off, move on to next group, and the wandering MOB pops up again. 2 MOB's, not that hard. Then a 3rd MOB group spawns, so at that point I'm fighting 3 groups at once.
Keep in mind, this is solo and not grouped with anyone.
My understanding was that spawning was ramped up if you had another player in your party, not if you are solo, so what gives?

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