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# 1 Klingon Bat'leth's??
02-15-2010, 04:22 AM
Klingon Bat'leth's?

Where do they drop for Federation members?
Can other races use them?
Are there special training needed to use them?
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02-15-2010, 04:24 AM
Originally Posted by GameMan2k View Post
Klingon Bat'leth's?

Where do they drop for Federation members?
Can other races use them?
Are there special training needed to use them?
You can get one as a Fed at DS9. You have to be at least a Commander. No special training needed but there are special combos you can use with it.

Posted by Nahk in another post: - I hope it helps

Full credit goes to Ancillary for starting this guide, which is now archived in the Beta section, and many thanks to the people over in the Starfleet Academy area who helped me to make this guide accurate.

Please go to to see the original thread.


I. Basics of Melee
II. Martial Arts (unarmed)
III. Bat'leth
IV. How the Classes Handle Melee
V. Tactical Considerations

II. Basics of Melee

Melee's big advantage in combat is that it bypasses personal shields. Thus, against a heavily shielded target you will be able to completely avoid their shields, doing damage directly to their health.

Another huge advantage of Melee is that each attack has a 10% chance to Expose your target. This can and does result in more exposes than ranged weapons can manage. Also, the combo moves that are Exploits to capitalize on those exposes have NO cooldown. None. Using melee you can and will find that you have a lot chances to do exploit damage and so will frequent finish even difficult foes far sooner than you would have with a ranged weapon - but only if you can manage the combos properly.

Each style has two forms of attack - a left strike and a right strike. You can only do two left or right strikes in a row, so never spam the same basic attack several times - after two strikes, you will not be able to do another strike of that type for a few seconds. As you perform strikes, they turn into "combos", or combination attacks; a two-hit combo does more damage on the second attack and does a debuff, and the third hit will either debuff or do far increased damage, possibly AoE damage.

Between each strike, you have a very short time frame (about a second) to chain the next strike in the combo. TRY TO AVOID SPAMMING. It takes some practice and patience, but you only want to hit each key once. If you spam the basic attacks you will not end up with the combos you intended to. I can say from experience that the game does buffer the keys you put in properly so just hit each one once - although if you get knocked over or interrupted you will of course need to start over.

If you are a short distance away from your enemy, initiating a melee attack will cause you to quickly close with the enemy, although it may not do this if the enemy is knocked down. This takes practice to utilize effectively but can really help you.

Base damage across combo "levels" (i.e., 1 key, two keys or three keys) seems comparable, which each level doing more base damage than the one below it. Thus the first attack is weakest, the second attack is stronger and the third attack is strongest - possibly devastatingly so if an Exploit.

Remember: ALL non-exploit attacks are expose attacks! Also remember that if you debuff someone they will get resistance to that type of debuff for several seconds so don't rely on one type of debuff.

The notation I'll use for the combos is 1 for Left Strike, and 2 for Right Strike, corresponding to where they initially appear on the action bar. If a combo has another sequence of numbers in brackets beside it, this indicates that this sequence of numbers will also work to perform the combo. Spin Kick, for example, can be activated by pressing 122, but also 221, so it would appear as: 122 (221).

III. Martial Arts

Martial Arts strikes are faster than Bat'leth strikes but do considerably less damage. They have more debuff effects however, being able to interrupt and disable your foe as well as rooting and slowing them.

1 - Jab - 80% chance to Interrupt, 10% chance to Expose.

2 (12) - Punch - -100% run speed for 1 sec, 10% chance to Expose.

11 - Chin Strike - Root for 1 sec, 10% chance to Expose.

22 - Backhand - Root for 1 sec, 10% chance to Expose.

21 - Uppercut - 80% chance to Interrupt.

112 - Haymaker (EXPLOIT) - +300% Critical Chance. Choose this to do more burst damage.

211 - Knife Hand Chop (EXPLOIT) - Basic damage + DoT. Choose this to do more even damage.

212 - Snap Kick - Disables target for 3 secs, 10% chance to Expose. Good against tough foes.

122 (221) Spin Kick (AoE, EXPLOIT) - Basic damage only, but a lot of it, especially when surrounded.

121 - Combined Fist (AoE) - Knocks back targets in forward cone 3 feet, 10% chance to Expose. Good for crowd control.

IV. Bat'leth

NOTE: For Federation players to get Bat'leths, please check the Exchange under Personal Weapons (search for Klingon) or, for ranks V and up of Bat'leths, visit DS9.

The Bat'leth is primarily oriented towards damage although it can also root, slow and knock down. It does much higher damage than Martial Arts, especially with finishing moves, but has no means of disabling or interrupting your foe.

1 (2) - Slash - Basic damage and 10% chance to Expose.

11 (22) - Stun (does not actually stun, roots instead) - Root for 1 second, 10% chance to Expose.

12 (21) - "Heavy" Slash - -100% Run Speed for 1 second, 10% chance to Expose.

112 (221) - Chop (EXPLOIT) - Basic damage + DoT, hits *incredibly* hard on Exploit.

122 - Impale (EXPLOIT) - Basic damage + DoT, hits *incredibly* hard on Exploit.

211 - Rake (AoE) - Knocks back targets in a cone before you 3 feet, 10% chance to Expose.

121 (212) - Spin (AoE) - Basic damage, 10% chance to expose, may be wider arc than Rake but is very slow; not recommended in general.

V. How the Classes Handle Melee

Another interesting aspect of STO is the fact that any class can melee, and all do it reasonably effectively. Tactical officers handle this best, but Science Officers and Engineering Officers can manage fairly well.

1. Tactical Officers gain several skills that focus solely on meleeing, such as Leg Sweep and Lunge, as well as skill bonuses that grant them increased melee damage. They by far hit the hardest in melee and with Leg Sweep do good AoE knockdowns; if you're serious about melee, be a Tactical Officer.

2. Engineering Officers don't get the Tactical Officer's combat abilities and as such don't hit anywhere near as hard. They can, however, use things such as Chroniton Mines and Transphasic Bombs, which can mesh quite well with melee combat, doing fair damage and slowing or knocking down their enemies.

NOTE: Make SURE you have a Science BO around to use Dylozene on you, which buffs melee damage and resistance by an immense amount (up to 60% each for the second rank of this skill)! Every time you start a mission, right click on the icon to turn it red - this stops your BO from automatically using it, ensuring it will be available for you when you need it.

3. Science Officers, of course, can use Dylozene on themselves, this is not really superior to having a Science BO do it for you however. Tricorder scan can be useful in setting up your enemies for Exploit attacks however, which can translate into significantly increased damage.

VI. Tactical Considerations

As a Martial Arts user, you will normally be going for "112" interrupt/root/Haymaker combos against single targets, although you'll want to use "212" Snap Kicks against foes using dangerous attacks (not repeatedly, they get resistance). Against groups of enemies, "122" Spin Kicks will do good damage quickly - especially if your BO's are doing Exposes on them - but if you need to focus on crowd control you can use "121" Combined Fist instead.

As a Bat'leth user, you will want to either use "112" root/chop combos or "122" slow/impale combos. This is just a matter of personal preference although Impale may be slightly faster. If you are facing multiple enemies, it's still probably better to simply kill them off with the above single-target combos but you can use Bat'leth Rake to impose crowd control on them instead if you feel the need.


Don't forget about Palm Strike/Bat'leth cross! Not only does this knock down (provided the enemy doesn't have resistance active) but it also has a 50% chance to stun, and your melee combat skills DO improve the damage of these attacks! This is a good opening strategy, and can be done while running, which works well in PvP.

It's generally a good idea to take on a well-shielded "boss" character yourself and take them down while your bridge officers deal with the minions; your melee attacks will ignore the target's shields and you can keep them knocked down or disabled; if your BO's are shooting at your target, their attacks will hit its shields, thus doing wasted attacks.

Your major problem will be having your combos interrupted; getting knocked down or stunned will do this, but frequently so will simply getting hit. You need to be focused and ready to start over a combo at any time; this is absolutely not a "pew pew lazors" style of play. Furthermore, your target will frequently move back away from you if using a gun; you will need to chase them as you attack so keep your run key ready to use. If you knock down an enemy - and you often will - remember to close towards them else your attacks may miss due to being out of range; knocking foes down is a good way to stop them from backing away from you so is a highly recommended tactic.

In PvP, your main problem will be enemies who repeatedly rifle-butt you to knock you down. The solution is to do it to them first, using palm strike or Bat'leth cross. The first hit will probably knock them over - close in and do it again until you stun them. Then let them have it with your most powerful single-target combo strike (or with snap kick to disable them, if using martial arts) and follow up accordingly.

Certain personal shields can knock down all enemies near you when you are hit. This works especially well against melee enemies, or when you are using melee on them, so use such shields when you can. Certain other shields will do damage to all enemies near you when you're hit, and that's also very helpful.
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02-15-2010, 04:55 AM
[quote=Asakara]You can get one as a Fed at DS9. You have to be at least a Commander. No special training needed but there are special combos you can use with it.

Thanks for the useful info.
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02-15-2010, 05:29 AM
Why not make a Klingon character, then buy one of any rank and send it to yourself through the mail? No need to wait until you're a commander.

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