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you're restored my "faith', if you can call it that in gaming. prior to STO i'd been at a loss for something to play for the past few months. i did get Tiger vs.t34 for xmas but it was somewhat limited in that the devs folded, which was unfortunate cuz the did put out a promising game. anyway for the last several months there wasn't anything that i hadn't played in one form or another that i hadn't played before, and i had no interest in strategy based games. so, yeah, STO has pretty much what i consider the best of 2 previous ST games, to a degree. Klingon Academy and Elite Force, alteast from a 3rd person perspective tho i'ld much preferr 1st person, but oh well. so i blame you, cryptic devs, for getting me back. not even ME2 would've done this, tho if it weren't for STO i'ld be playing that instead, maybe but i kinda doubt it. Qa'pla

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