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I know you guys are making lots of strides in the game - or at the very least - working hard with what you to have to bring this game up to speed and par.

I've had fun thus far. It's been a bit bumpy but I won't lie - my Star Trek fanboi ness probably is playing into my willingness to stay around. But that's not all there is to it - this game has insane potential. It's just a bother that it's not exactly ready - yet.

But anyway! I'm not here to ***** about what I think is wrong with the game. I'm here to make a simple suggestion.

The topic for today - is Death and Dying.

One thing that has thrown me off in this game is the lack of consequence for dying. In all MMO's - sans some first person shooters I can think of like Halo or Counter Strike - there is a penalty for dying besides waiting to re-spawn.

My suggestion for a type of penalty, I think, would work quite well.

We gather, throughout the game, StarFleet Provisions. These provisions, so far from what I can see, only have use in certain Anomalous missions. Throughout my journey to Commander and throughout beta, I've thought:

"Some of these seem like spare parts!"

So how about this - When your Starship explodes you gain a debuff upon respawn. This debuff can be governed by many things like ship type, method in which you died - whatever. It could be random too! However, the debuff can only be removed with a specific type and amount of provisions! It'll definitely make the game more challenging and I feel a bit more adrenaline tasty.

For instance - You die *BOOM* You respawn and all of your skills that run off of sensors have a debuff. What can remove them is a Sensor Array Provision. Or - You respawn and your crew is debuffed. A good proportion of them are injured or inable. To remove this debuff, you need to consume a Water Purification system to give your crew water. Stuff like that.

I hope the Dev's read this or at least some of the forum players read it and give some feed back. I honestly have faith in this idea and hope it'll be applied.

Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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02-15-2010, 07:57 AM
Apparently there's a thread already on this - I've cross posted my suggestion to avoid any problems

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