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# 1 Shield Display improvements.
02-15-2010, 11:19 AM
1. Toggle for floating HUD shields around ships, by type (self, friendly, enemy, target only, etc). I use the UI shield display because it is more accurate, and the floating display around ships takes away from my immersion.

2. UI shield display damage notification. Some type of red glow, or other indication, so I can more accurately gauge which shield is taking damage. I reroute shield power to specific shields constantly, and it is sometimes difficult to tell which shield is taking damage, vs having power rerouted.

3. More "robust" UI shield display. I would like to see the arrows on the UI shield display reversed when power is being rerouted from them, as well as turning yellow. The arrows for the shields being increased could grow bigger, turn green, and have a duration timer displayed.

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