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I know there are some trolls around here that will not even read this line, and then there are others that have no clue what MMORPG means and will troll anyways.

For those that do read this consider the following..


Now that bit is cleared up onto buisness.

Nearly all MMO's have some sort of dungeon/raid system in place, why because it allows lots of friends to participate in paying a game they enjoy.

Now I propose that Cryptic should follow this approach but consider the following points carefully.

* The days of 40+ man raid are dead, keep them to 10-25
* Having bosses drop a single item that everyone can use is asking for riots, I would suggest 5 items for 25 mans, 4 for 20 mans ect (allow a 1 in 5 chance of getting an item per boss)
* Give everyone present for that boss kill a token or similer that they can save up for gear from vendors (like badges of exploration style)

Now before someone says THIS GAME DOES NOT NEED RAIDS, There are already raids in the game, done any fleet actions lately (20 people = raid) heck even the new deeps space encounters have 10 people in them.

Raids of this type prolong a games life <lets face it leveling is easy in this game and QUICK> Allow players to build a social network, get's people to work together and gives people a scence of acheavment.

If people do not want to raid then they can do 5 mans and get badges that way, but weather you are raiding or just pugging 5 mans the RATE at witch you gain badges should be the same, the benifit of raiding allows you a chance to get a SLIGHTLY better weapon than you can with badges, And to see epic story lines unfold.

Your thoughts on this please.

And trolls just go play with the Borg i hear they need mindless trolls to bolster there ranks.
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02-15-2010, 06:59 AM
agreed fleet actions and DSE's are raids already.. what they need to do is give you the option of going into them with only your team/ 4 teams of friends/fleet members if you want to..

I want to run fleet actions with my FLEET and only my fleet, and I can't.. PUGging 20 man raids is stupid.. leave it as an option sure, but give it the option to do it another way instead..

on that note, i should also be able to do laurentian ground with only my away team IF I WANT TO.
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02-15-2010, 07:00 AM
or perhaps.. with a 4 man team, each having their full away team (which would equal 20 toons) -- or up the limit to 25 so it cna support a full 5 man team + BO's.

this would greatly improve fleet action and DSE gameplay

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