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This would be similar to the Equipment Manager from WOW, but a lot simpler.

What you would do is, you would set up your weapons and consoles, and type in save_ship_file <filename>

Each ship setup could be saved in a file, and (out of combat of course) you could then use load_ship_file <filename> to swap out whatever was in your ships' slots with whatever was listed in the file (so long as the items are in your inventory. If an item is missing, whatever is in the current slot will remain there and an error "<item> is not in your inventory - current system remains in place." goes up in the notification section.

So, let's say, you are approaching a typical "shuttle swarm" group of can swap in your mine layers by loading a file with them in place. After you're out of combat with them, you can switch back to your plasma torpedo setup, or whatever.

It's really just a shortcut way of doing what you can do now, but saving you having to open your ships' character sheet to swap out weapons and consoles.

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