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I've decided that I really need to give this new crafting system a fair shake. Looking at numbers and reading other players opinions may have jaded me to it and I've complained a number of times about it, perhaps unfairly.

I'm not a min/max type player, but I do try to be as effective as my time allows. Meaning that while I know what the best gear is, sometimes I just don't have the inclination to 'chase' it all down. I play for fun. I'm also an altaholic so for me, getting to 50 doesn't mean running endless ESTF's and other end-game queues to get rep and fleet gear. Hitting 50 means making a new alt.

I have recently decided to get to t5 in the reps on all my alts however, so the possibility of me one day running those endless ESTF's and other end-game queues to get rep and fleet gear may happen. So, I'm hoping that this may be enough of an "average" player experience to get an idea of what a decent percentage of the population, though maybe not a majority, may go through with the new crafting system.

I'm going to keep a crafting/leveling journal and just see how useful crafting is while leveling up. I will attempt to craft items for my current level but I won't hold myself to not buying off the exchange or a vendor since I don't want to make this a living hell.

I decided to try this experiment while playing my new alt, who was at lvl 11 when came up with this idea. Since the crafting system doesn't open up until lvl 15, it should still be a pretty close experience compared to if I started a new character from scratch. This way I can see how someone completely new to the game may fare with the new crafting system as well as being able to look at the end-game stuff and knowing what may be needed or desired. At the very least *I* will have more experience with it. Obviously I won't finish the crafting system before I hit 50, but that's something the Devs should have taken into account, so there will be no tip-toeing and playing nice. If I find something sucks, I'm going to say it. And if something turns out to be better than I hoped, I'll post that as well.

Now, as for details I'll keep track of.

I will only keep track of the equipment I craft and use and its level and rarity.

If I run any queue events, I will list what I get from the R&D boxes, at least the rares and VR's.

I don't feel like keeping track of every little piece of salvage that drops nor the component crafting, the end result should be good enough. Although, since I'll be leveling and common and uncommon salvage are the normal drops, if I happen to get any rare or better drops, I will list those as well as where they came from.

I will keep a general track of how much time I play the character. Probably rounded to the closest quarter hour.

I'm not going for concrete proof with this. I'm not going to say that once this is done, this is what everyone can expect if they do the exact same thing. This is just for me so I can say from experience that the new crafting system is (a. Great, (b. Eh, (c. Horrid.

And the reason for me posting it on the forums instead of keeping it to myself? Call it an attempt to contribute. "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem" as some folks say.

I've already played up to day 3 so far, so I'll post those days results in my next post. After that, I hope to update daily.
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07-30-2014, 10:09 AM
Day 1

Not much to say here. Sci Fed character, Level 11, got some DOff's and salvage already so now it's just a matter of getting to 15 and getting the Crafting System opened up. Played for 2 hours and hit 15. Decided to start with the Beams school and started the 20 hour project. Will next go for Ground Weapons then Engineering. If I make it far enough, the 4th school will be Shields.

Day 2

Level 2 in Beams now and opened a second project slot. Started the 20 hour project for both Beams and Ground Weapons. While I could start crafting beams for when I hit lvl 20, I wouldn't mind having better odds at getting at least some green gear. With only basic DOff's at this point, it's a 50% chance of getting commons. Hopefully getting to level 3 tomorrow improves this enough to make it worth it. Got 3 Rubidium and 3 Z-Particles from nodes in the Doomsday Device mission. Character hit level 20 after about 2.5 hours of playing today.

Day 3

Okay, I got to lvl 2 in Ground Weapons and level 3 in Beams, but to craft Commander level items it recommends a skill level of 60. That's lvl 6 in a crafting school. It's going to take 2-3 more days of running the 20 hour project to get Beams to level 4, depending on how much crafting I do. Not sure how long to level 5, let alone level 6.

While I can craft the MK VI items, I still have a 50% chance of crafting commons, at least when you consider this is a new character with mostly common and a handful of uncommon DOffs, so no real bonus happening. But, this is an experiment so I'm going to do it anyway. All I'll be losing is some common and uncommon items and maybe if the RNG is smiling on me, I might get a rare or two.

One other problem I see is the amount of time to craft. Crafting MK IV items takes 15 minutes and now MK VI items take an hour. Why not 30 minutes? Now by the time I finish crafting the beams I want to use, my play session will be over (roughly 2 hours from now) and I'll probably wind up with at least 2-3 more levels, probably more. Which means I'll be about half way to the next tier before even being able to use the current tier items I'm crafting. Things aren't looking so good.

Okay, and one other thing I didn't really pay attention to and it's now biting me in the rear, I don't have anywhere near enough salvage to craft the things I need. Even though I've been hitting every single node in my missions, I'm simply not getting enough mats to be able to craft the components. So I need to buy some off the exchange.

One nice thing I found, you can click on components that are missing from a project and it will load *that* crafting project up to make them. So that's a bit of a time saver and nice feature.

Nearing the end of my time and here's what's happened. The first 2 beams I crafted, decided to go Anti Proton, the first ended up being a common Dual Beam Array and the Second was a Rare Beam Array [Acc]x2. The last 2 Beam Array's were both common. Also got 3 Rubidium from a node in Temporal Ambassador. After 2 hours of playing, hit level 24.
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07-31-2014, 09:38 AM
Day 4

Tier 3 now in Ground Weapons.

Decided to craft an Antiproton Mag Regulator to go along with my Antiproton beams, ended up getting an uncommon out of it.

I'm going to continue leveling as many schools at a time as I can. I'll never get to a high enough level in the schools for it to really matter before I hit level 50, but part of the point of this was to see how well crafting and leveling go together. However, once I get to Captain level (lvl 30), I likely won't be able to craft anything else since the Mk VIII items need rare mats and I'm just not finding a whole lot of those. Not to mention the time to craft anything being bumped up from 1 hour to 2 hours. Since I only play for around 2 hours at a stretch, this means I can craft something or run the 20 hour project. Gee, I wonder what I'm gonna do.

Got to level 30 in just under 2 hours. Gotta love Nimbus III.

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08-01-2014, 08:48 AM
Day 5

Made level 4 in Beams, still level 3 in Ground Weapons and started up Engineering. With the bonus XP from the R&D weekend event, I'm hoping I'll get some decent progress.

However, now that I'm at level 30, it seems my crafting days are over. At least for now. While I *can* craft items to use, they're most likely going to be commons, which hardly seems worth the effort, especially with the lack of rares I'm finding. Perhaps more rares need to be spawning from nodes or should only be used for MK XI gear and above? Also, shouldn't the crafting curve be somewhat more inline with the leveling curve? However, I will continue to level up the schools using the 20 hour projects.

It seems it's a combination of things that'll keep me from crafting anything for quite a while. For now I guess it's a waiting game to get to level 15 in the schools so I can craft stuff for level 50. Disappointing, to say the least.

Although, it's with this disappointment that I've decided to extend my experiment with the crafting system. I'm now going to keep plugging away at it until I'm t5 in all 5 current reps. Which will take about twice as long to achieve as it will getting to level 50. My main aready has t5 in all the reps and I plan on using the sponsorship tokens to speed things up. So an additional 20 days of rep projects on top of getting to level 50. We'll see if that helps things any. I doubt it will, but...

Only managed to play for an hour but got to level 32.
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08-02-2014, 07:27 AM
Day 6

Only able to play for 30 minutes today, but got to level 33.

Beams and Ground Weapons are at level 4 and Engineering is at level 2 thanks to the bonus R&D XP.

Hoping to get more time in tomorrow so I can hopefully gather more mats. Could really use some rares, but just not having any luck. In my biased opinion, rare mats need to start dropping more often as you level.
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08-02-2014, 12:55 PM
I have 5 alts, and have come to the conclusion that I'm only going to try to level 1 or 2 of them in crafting. All the rest will be providing their rares and ultrarares to feed the monster once my crafter gets to a point where she can begin making things that aren't wood chipper fodder.

I still haven't forgiven Cryptic for making everyone who put time and effort into leveling characters under the old crafting system start over at the bottom again. That was a blatant money grab and cheap shot.
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08-02-2014, 01:55 PM
Originally Posted by sussethrai View Post
I have 5 alts, and have come to the conclusion that I'm only going to try to level 1 or 2 of them in crafting. All the rest will be providing their rares and ultrarares to feed the monster once my crafter gets to a point where she can begin making things that aren't wood chipper fodder.
I'm doing something similar for my merry band of misfits. As I said earlier, I'm an altaholic and currently have 24 characters.

My first 7 are each specializing in a school. When the new system was released and we could run multiple 20 hour projects I figured that would be the "easiest" way to max out crafting. By the time they back-peddled and changed that, I was far enough along that I just decided to keep going that way instead of trying to consolidate it to just 2 or 3 characters.

I did originally want to level all my alts through the system, but after reading the things folks were saying about it when it was on Tribble, I quickly gave up that idea.

To me, any system that is implemented in an MMO should be useful from the moment that character can start using that system to the end of the characters 'life', or the system itself, if there is some sort of cap to it.

I just don't see there being a cap on crafting.

What I am seeing with this new crafting system is while you can continue to use the system, it becomes less useful as you level the character. The characters level so fast compared to the leveling speed of the crafting system that it just leaves a huge gap in the game play and ability to craft.

Although, as an altaholic, I do see myself crafting things for new characters to use as they level. But for players that have only a couple of characters they play and don't plan on making more characters, crafting has a HUGE time sink before anything useful can be done. Which will not give them a reason to bother with it.

Things are always changing in MMO's, sometimes not always for the best. I didn't really bother with the old crafting system so I was really hoping this version of it would be more to my liking. And to an extent, I do like it. Or more specifically, I like some of the generalities of it. But there are specific things about it that are less than stellar.

Anyway, I made myself a promise that I'll continue this crafting trial on this new character until the 'end'. Even if at the end of it it turns out to be a waste of time.

Perhaps a Dev may see this journal and maybe something positive will come of it. I'm not expecting anything like that to happen, but if I didn't have a glimmer of hope, I wouldn't be here.
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08-03-2014, 08:35 AM
Day 7

One thing I haven't mentioned that I'm doing is that I'm running as many Science and Explore DOff missions as I can to try and get more mats. Really, any DOff mission that rewards mats. Having only a smattering of uncommons and rares though means I'm not getting any crits for the rare mats. While I can see some rare mats being earned this way, I still believe that rares need to drop/spawn more often from mission nodes.

Made level 5 in Beams, Level 3 in Engineering and still level 4 in Ground Weapons. The bonus XP is a huge help, but it's still not good enough (in my opinion) to keep up with character leveling.

After complaining about the lack of rares and not getting crits on DOff missions involving crafting mats, I crit a DOff mission. Perhaps I should complain about more things, hehe. Got a Rubidium and a Tetrazine Gas off the crit.

Got to level 35 in an hour and a half today, real life keeps taking my time away. I got 5 Beta-Tachyon Particles from a node in Divide et Impera. Received a +10 Catalyst from a node in Saturday's Child.
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08-04-2014, 10:06 AM
Day 8

Made it to level 5 in Ground Weapons. Beams and Engineering are still at 5 and 3 respectively.

Got 2 Z-Particles from a DOff crit. Finally getting some crits happening. Also received a +10 Catalyst from a node in Project Nightingale and two more in By Any Means.

Played for just over 2 hours today and got to level 39.

Not much else to say other than I wish I could craft something useful for my next promotion.

As much as I want to like this system, the simple fact that I'm almost completely ignoring it at this point, except to slot the 20 hour projects, seems to show that it isn't worth it. But, I'm going to keep going with it. It's not like it's difficult or anything. It's just really, REALLY boring since I have nothing to show for it.
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08-04-2014, 11:48 AM
I appreciate this 'blog'. I believe the entire crafting system is actually good for what it does. Yet, I think the xp values are either too great or too little.

The total XP needed per level as astronomically high past ... level 5? With the exception of the 20 hour projects, every other project has extremely low values, even given the short time needed at various levels. 1 xp point for a few seconds wait (iirc) is simply silly to expect anyone to use when the xp needed to advance is in the thousands. Especially at higher levels.

The system is definitely designed to keep the player involved, but not enough to make it actual. SO, players are seeing that the best way to level up is through the 20-hour project. Therefore, it is likened to a "grind".

Ultimately, it IS boring ... but so is crafting in every MMO I've played (not that I have played them all. Crafting is an optional side game for players, and I'm wondering if that is even considered.
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