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08-15-2014, 12:59 PM
Day 17

Didn't get any time to even log on today, so zero progress was made. Which almost seems to be what it's like even when I do log in.

Day 18

Beams now at lvl 8, Ground Weapons at lvl 7, Engineering hit lvl 7 as well and Shields is still lvl 4. I'm almost to the point now where I just don't care anymore. Crafting could be fun, but it's almost like Cryptic made it as un-fun as possible. I will keep going, but the longer I do this the lower my opinion of the system gets.

Day 19

Ground Weapons hit lvl 8, Shields hit lvl 5.

Counting myself lucky today as I see that the patch yesterday didn't fix the issue some folks are having with their Crafting/DOff missions stuck in the "Finishing" state. With no emergency patch last night or this morning, those folks are pretty much screwed out of the CXP weekend. Unless they do something later today. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, I suppose.

I know that it's not purely a crafting bug, but with the DOff system so closely tied to crafting, it's starting to look like if a bug hits one, it's going to affect the other. Which is why I'm even mentioning it.
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# 22 Good ? Really
08-17-2014, 07:58 AM
I get the feeling that crafting is the first step to the new tier ships..

Let me lay out what i have done so far. I got three main chars, 2 fed, one 1 romulan. New chars are klignon and fed. Using all three chars to just run the 20 hour cycles i completeing all the schools.

Pros so far.

1. None of the gear made is tied, so you can sell it. So in my bid to help newbs, i craft purple low level beams /tech and sell it for 10 000 ec. For newbs. I dont need ec just do it cause i know newbs love to have that new thing that is purple with the added extras. And believe me all the stuff i have mad so far have sold.

2. I transfered some of the purple dual beams to my new fed and my new klignon ships and makes the game reasonably better to play those low levels with better tech, due to the fact that you cannot transfer rep gear to your lower level account chars.

3. All my chars have all 4 spaces open and only the main char i run only 3 times the 20 hours a day , leaving the other one open to do the some low level purple gear for sale.

4. Mainly i ignore the r/d tab, at low levels its pointless to make x gear or higher as it will not be functionall to have it made.


Everything that you covered leveling wise.

Its lacking some of the stuff that the old system had.

Its boring as heck. Really only the doffing of this three tiered gameplay is mildly ammusing.

Im not going to bother crafting high level gear as you have to pay so much dill into thing that i laugh my arse off. Ill rather sink it into my fleet , level in my fleet and buy fleet tech. At least there i get to choose what i get. In this crafting system. I gamble with my dil. No thanks.

If i find more cons i will definately post them
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08-18-2014, 02:42 PM
Making gear for lower level characters, mine or others, IS a plus. It's one of the few things I do like about the system.

And I completely agree that spending Dilithium on anything in the system is nuts. With rep gear needing Dil, fleets needing Dil, and I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that upgrading t5 ships to t6 will cost Dil as well... yeah, my Dilithium isn't going to be used to gamble on crafting.

Now, I do spend 1k Dil a week per alt to run the Request R&D Assistance mission at the academies. Gotten several crafting DOff's as well as loads of VR components and mats. I could run it twice a week, but once a week is enough.
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08-19-2014, 09:46 AM
Day 20

More XP towards the schools, but no leveling. Made tier 3 in all the reps today though. At least something is making noticeable progress.

Day 21

Got another decent piece of gear from the rep boxes. I keep going like this I may not even need to get any rep gear for a while since the 'free' stuff will get me through for a long while. That's about it for today.

Wait, I should mention my crafting progress. Oh, right, same as yesterday. XP but no leveling in the schools.

Day 22

Beams hit lvl 9, Engineering hit lvl 8, Ground Weapons still at lvl 8 and Shields is still lvl 5.

No good free gear from the rep boxes today.


Day 23

Shields hit lvl 6, everything esle was just XP gain, no leveling.

I wound up getting Gumarre from the Request R&D Assistance mission. It almost made my day until I see that the DOff is character bound... WTF!?

This character is an experiment, my 'real' crafters are much further ahead and could actually USE this DOff since I would actually like to create the Aegis set. But with it locked, I'm stuck with it on this guy.

I suppose I could just keep going with leveling crafting on this guy, at least the schools that have the Aegis parts in them. Sadly, I'm not currently trying to level Science which is where the Deflector is. So that means once my experiment is over, I either keep leveling the schools on a character I don't really want to and wait for the Science school to catch up, which is easily more than 3 months away, or just "waste" a good DOff by having it sit on a character that will never fully use it.

And on a side note, are there common/white versions of an Aegis DOff? Also, wasn't the version of Gumarre that the folks who maxed out the old crafting system received supposed to be Very Rare? I kind of remember reading it was supposed to be, but I see by looking around it isn't.

Why not make either the reward version VR and keep a version of the DOff you can get from the Request R&D Assistance mish Rare and tradable? Or keep the reward version Rare and make the mission one Uncommon and tradable. Or just make it tradable, period.

It makes me wonder sometimes, it's like Cryptic had all these good ideas for the crafting system and did the opposite.

Got an okay ground weapon from a Rep box today. Still, getting random stuff from leveling Rep is better than getting nothing from crafting.
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08-19-2014, 11:03 AM
Very nice, very constructive thread. Thumbs up! I tweeted the link to this thread.

I had a strong hunch that out-levelling crafted items would be an issue, so it's good to see confirmation of that. Hopefully the Devs will take notice and make some kind of adjustment. I'm only running the 20h project on my alts at present, but like the OP I'm in it for the long haul so I guess I'll level up when I level up (Crafting). Not worried about trying to craft anything level 50 useful at the moment.

I can relate to accidentally spending Dilithium on it. I did that myself the other day. My fault, really. Just not paying enough attention. Could certainly be an issue if they ever integrate this into the Gateway and people are swiping through projects on a touchscreen.

On the other hand, I might not want to have to confirm it every single time. Maybe a button to lock/unlock early completion? Tradeoffs. Fast, but subject to human error? Or safe but requiring extra click throughs every single time? Since there's no win-win, I'd expect Cryptic to err on the side of fast unless there's a lot of complaints.
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08-20-2014, 09:17 AM
Thanks for the kind words, bluegeek.

I wouldn't mind a button that could be turned on/off to confirm spending Dil on crafting. Since my boo-boo with accidentally spending Dil to complete some nearly complete projects, I've been much more careful about just rushing through and clicking anything when it comes to the crafting system.

I can definitely see problems if they do indeed make the system compatible with the Gateway. Touchscreens can be finicky sometimes and accidental double taps or mistaps (is that even a word?) happen all the time, for me anyway.

One thing I need to emphasize, this particular character is an experiment. I actually am leveling crafting on 7 other alts, 1 school per to specialize in. I made enough early progress this way back when we could run multiple 20 hour projects that consolidating it down to 2 or 3 would take too much time (in my mind at the time) to 'catch up'. Now that I've gotten even further along, I have no plans to change that now.

Since I do make alts, crafting low level gear for them is something I have been doing on my main crafters. I don't want it to sound like I'm being completely negative in my appraisal of the system. I do like it, to a point. I'm just not keen on my initial impressions of the overall cost of crafting, the amount of time crafting matches up with character leveling and the length of time it takes to get to a high enough level to make things for lvl 50. Especially considering how fast characters can get to level 50.

I will sit down one of these days and look over the various lvl 50 gear and do a cost comparison between rep gear and crafted gear. I won't bother comparing stats, or arguing which is better, it'll just be a simple "this Rep deflector costs X while this crafted deflector costs Y". Something I haven't done and by not giving it the attention it may deserve, it may have tainted my view of the crafting system.
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08-20-2014, 10:03 AM
nice blog but I feel you really went about it in a strange way.

IMHO you should go ahead and craft items that are the best your character can use. So what if you get whites? You get hardly *any* tactical consoles at low levels, almost none from missions and almost none from loot (finding 3 matched tier 5 green disruptor consoles before you level up to use tier 6 for example is impossible without exchange or crafting or vendor etc). With crafting you can make weapons of the same type and match with consoles and use them; even if white quality they will do fine.

You can make up to mark X for "free" using only looted/acquired materials. X is sufficient to play STFs on normal at 50 and you can upgrade from there.

Also, you can do fleet alerts every half hour after level 5, which gives material boxes. You can also just buy these boxes if you have any money.

Like any crafting system, it does take some farming to gather materials. And most games make it much harder to craft for yourself on-level. Here, you can make mark X items on day 1, you just have a high % of white quality items.

And like any system, investments reap rewards. a little work buying or farming or whatever for crafting officers is a big deal. I have a purple fab engineer and I routinely get 3x parts; that really helps with the blue rare materials. Nothing like asking for 4 blue parts that each take 3 rubidium and getting 12 as a bonus!

All that said, its pretty tedious to do it without spending anything. My best is rank 12 beams and I have worked it almost daily since released. I have rank 10 in almost everything, but I have an army of characters and was able to cherry pick off my officers from all of those, dump them onto 3 crafting characters, and from there work all the schools in parallel. And the only way to be ahead of me would be to have spent dil on the system or to have had a very large pile of blue materials; I had a decent supply of old mats that converted to a good pile of new mats and I still ran out after 2 weeks and now have to do many STFs daily for boxes to feed the machine.

A bonus, though: every blue or purple you make is account bound so you can re-use them on all alts after the first.

So while you could have made yourself some gear at the appropriate levels, everything else is pretty much spot on: it is not a great system for a new player with only 1 character, not at all. However the player that does this as he levels up and plays will have a major leg up on his alts...
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08-20-2014, 11:12 AM
I agree with a lot of what you said. Especially the crafted items being account bound and not character bound, like a lot of drops are.

But I did this wanting to see what a player, mostly a new player, may experience. I have a friend who is interested in the game and I decided that since the crafting system would be new for me, as well as for him, I'd see what it may be like coming in 'blind'.

I did pass up on making things all the way to MK X. That wasn't intended, but it's how things worked out. I wanted to get an idea of if it was even possible to just play the game, gather materials and make things to use as I leveled. I quickly found that it wasn't, at least not without buying things off the exchange or farming.

I wanted to craft things all the way to MK X, but I quickly ran out of mats and I had to buy off the exchange to craft what I did. This is not a bad thing overall, but for this experiment, it was a negative. I wanted to keep it as 'pure' as I could and if I'd stuck to my original intentions, I actually wouldn't have crafted anything since I didn't have the mats to do it. Other than the occasional component.

As I've said in prior posts, I have my main crafters and they make things for my alts while leveling. Except for this particular character. I want to see and show what my friend may be facing. Just because I like a game (and I do like STO) doesn't mean others will. So since I have the time and am willing to put forth the effort, it seemed like a decent idea.

I don't want folks to think that with me doing this, that this is what everyone can expect or how everyone needs to do it. I know I'm not being 'optimal', but I would like to think I'm being at least somewhat reasonable. It just seems like there could be some adjustments made to make things sync up a bit more.

Maybe have the number of mats that drop from nodes increased, especially the rares. Or lower the amount of mats needed to craft components, or even lowering the number of components needed to craft items.

I'm not just complaining to complain. I'm putting my experience out there for everyone to see, including the Devs. I'm offering ideas on how things could be improved. Maybe not the best ideas, mind you.

Anyway, I appreciate that so many people are showing an interest in this. I'll continue with updates for about another week or so, depending on when this character gets to t5 in the reps. I'm not in game right now and I can't remember exactly how far along he is, but since he's been sponsored, it'll be fairly soon.
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08-21-2014, 10:28 AM
Well, after looking over the crafting and rep items I see that I really did let other people influence my view of crafting.

This entire time I thought that there was a Dilithium cost to craft MK X and above items, on top of having to spend Dil to make the components. I was given some bad information in that regard. I never really bothered to open up the window and actually LOOK at what it cost. Sure, I'd looked at what I could make, but never the cost. Mostly because I'm not high enough to actually be able to reliably craft anything that level, but also because of the misinformation I had.

Unless there's something hidden that I'm not seeing, since I don't have all the components to actaully make anything that level. But even I'm not that big a conspiracy nut.

So with that said, I can see that crafted items are much cheaper than Rep items.

Even comparing just the items you can get from the Rep stores, crafting is cheaper. I still say that the randomness of what mods you get on crafted gear makes the thought of spending ANY Dilithium abhorant to me. If the cost were cut by half or more, it may hold more appeal.

Or if someday we can pick and choose what mods we want, I guess I would be content with the current Dil price for crafting.

Basically, I jumped to conclusions and was wrong. So this is another PLUS for crafting.
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08-23-2014, 08:16 AM
Day 24

Ground Weapons hit lvl 9, the other schools just made XP progress.

Another okay ground weapon from a Rep box. This stuff will be decent on BOff's at least. While I'm getting 5 Rep boxes a day, and recently it's only been 1 of those 5 giving up something decent, I at least am getting something.

Day 25

Only XP progress today for the schools.

A couple of decent drops from the Rep boxes today. 8 more days and I'll be tier 5 in all the reps.

Day 26

XP for the schools.

Good day for Rep boxes as I got a Borg Neural Processor and an Isomorphic Injection along with 2 useful pieces of gear.

Day 27

Beams hit lvl 10, Engineering hit lvl 9, Shields hit lvl 7 and Ground Weapons is stil at lvl 9.

Progress today, but with the ever increasing XP needed to reach the next level, this may be the last leveling I'll see while still running this experiment. Except for Ground Weapons tomorrow and *maybe* one more level for Shields.

A couple more decent drops from the Rep boxes including a Voth Cybernetic Implant, but nothing spectacular.

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