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08-23-2014, 08:25 PM
Day 28

Got tired of this sisyphustic grind that has arcane descriptions, missing weapons(ground), modifiers of questionable value (E.g. PvP mods), non linear distribution of favorable outcomes and exotic mods gated with specific doffs that I decided to go outside and ride a bike.
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08-26-2014, 08:11 AM
Day 28

Ground Weapons made it to lvl 10, just XP for the other schools.

Another good day for the Rep boxes, 2 pieces of gear and another Borg Neural Processor. Do the chances of getting these things increase as you level through the rep system, or is the RNG just being really nice to me lately? Either way, I'll take it

Day 29

Xp for the schools, looks like Engineering and Shields will level again before I finish this experiment.

Great day for Rep box stuf, 3 pieces of gear and another Voth Cybernetic Implant.

It's hard to stay positive about the crafting system when compared to the Rep system. Even before you can buy anything from the Rep system, with the way it's structured now, you can at least get something USEFUL simply by leveling up. Why on Earth they didn't design crafting to be the same way, I dont think I'll ever understand.

Day 30

More school XP.

A couple of okay ground weapons for BOff's from the rep boxes.

Today marks the 1 month point of this experiment. 30 days in and still not to able to reliably craft anything for my lvl 50. It's been almost 3 weeks since I hit lvl 50.

Just 3 more days to go until I hit t5 in all the reps.
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08-26-2014, 08:27 AM
This is good for new players looking for newer gear! I did give it a try but it's too time consuming. The timer clock when it reaches 4 mins (in other games that use such a system) they gave you instant finish for free. This one wants 75 in Di-lithium to complete now. Got up to level 2 and quit! I'll keep looking on EC or Rep Tier 4 or 5 for 8472 (got that right lol), Dyson, Rom, Task/OMG for new gear.

Right now my battleship has all Mark 12 purple just have to see what's comes out of DR in Oct 2014!
Time will only tell!
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08-29-2014, 07:55 AM
Day 31

Engineering hit lvl 10, Shields hit lvl 8. XP for the other schools.

Only one okay piece of gear from the Rep boxes today. But even the 'junk' is worth some EC, so I'm getting something at least.

Day 32

School XP, nothing more.

A decent ground weapon for one of my BOff's from Rep boxes.

Tomorrow I hit t5 in all reps.

Day 33

Well, this is it. After 33 days I've hit lvl 50 and then gone on to T5 in all the reps. Sure, I used sponsorship tokens to speed up the rep, but who wouldn't if you have the ability to do so?

Anyway, on to how each of the schools finished.

Beams ended up at lvl 10 with a total of 226,061 XP.

Ground Weapons ended up at lvl 10 with 215,000 XP.

Engineering ended up at lvl 10 with 195,000 XP.

Shields ended up at lvl 8 with 137,000 XP.

Now I need to sit back and think about this whole experiment. I'll post my overall thoughts a little later.
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08-29-2014, 08:51 AM
Wall of text time

I'm sad to say that I'm glad this is over, I really am.

Cryptic, if you're reading this, please do something to make this system fun and worthwhile. Working on something for 3 months with essentially nothing to show for it until the end... WHY?

I get that I *could* craft MK XII items, but there's no way I'm blowing VR anything or Dilithium on something that'll likely be uncommon at best. I also get that I can craft MK X items (and below) and sell them and/or use them for alts. But why would I waste Rare anything when I'm going to need them for when (if) I start crafting MK XII items? The answer is, *I* wouldn't.

To be fair, there are good things in the system.

-Being able to make any energy weapon or console we want at any level we want. AP beams on my lvl 1 ship? Cool!

-Crafting things for alts to use as they level.

-The fact that crafted items are account bound even at at the VR level instead of becoming character bound.

-Crafting is also cheaper than buying Rep gear, or even items from the Rep stores. Of course, it could be argued that Rep gear is also better than almost anything you can craft so the higher price is warranted.

The flaws with the system though, good grief where do I begin.

1. Taking almost 3 months to get to a crafting level where you can actually craft something for level 50. Considering it takes about 2-3 WEEKS to get from lvl 1-50 for 'casual' players, it just boggles my mind.

2. Long wait times on the actual crafting. 10-15 minutes to craft something, I can understand that. 5 hours for "basic" items? A little much. I can see the reasoning behind the "unique" items taking 20 hours though, like the Aegis stuff, the Omni beams and the TR116 Rifle.

Everything else should have the time restraint lowered since it just doesn't make sense. Granted, the Devs tied crafting time into XP gain so you can't really do that now unless you capped the number of items that could be crafted before they stopped giving XP. Similar to what was done with the 1 hour Rep projects. That could work, though it may not be ideal.

3. And just how in the world do you get an Aegis DOff so you can craft the Aegis set? From what I can find by searching, there aren't any common ones that can drop from the Request R&D Assistance (1k Dil) mission from the Academies. You can get the Rare one (Gumarre) that players who maxed out the old crafting system got as compensation, but that Blue DOff is Bind on Pickup. So where it made sense (to me) to run that 1k Dil R&D mish on ALL my alts, if I actually happen to get 'lucky' enough to get that Blue DOff on one of them, he's stuck there and can't be traded to an alt that can actually USE it?


'Simple' solution to this problem. Make the Rare DOff that can drop not BoP and everyone is happy. Otherwise, I'm going to stop running that R&D mission since the odds of getting the Rare, currently BoP, DOff on an alt that can use it is extremely rare. Would it really break the game if those Rare DOff's started showing up on the exchange? *I* don't think so but that's my opinion.

4. Give set VR rewards for running content. Not a chance to get set VR rewards, ACTUAL VR rewards! I'm tired of running elite queues only to get rares. I run elite, I want guaranteed VR rewards.

Apparently though, doing this would upset the apple cart in some way, or it would already be this way.

My solution? Lower the number of guaranteed rewards given. I'd settle for being guaranteed I'd get 1 VR for running elite. Leave the other drops as they are, perhaps even make the chance at additional VR's being totally random. Meaning that you might get a VR that the queue doesn't 'normally' give.

Doing that would also help with the feeling of being "forced" to run content that the player doesn't want to run. They could keep playing what they like and take a chance at eventually getting something. Which is better than how it is currently.

"Oh, you don't like queue X? Well, if you want VR reward Y, suck it up and do it anyway."

5. Increase the number of material drops from nodes, including making rares more plentiful. Or, lower the number of mats needed to craft components.

I wanted to craft as I leveled up. I tried to craft as I leveled, but I simply ran out of mats in order to craft the components to make anything. The items I did end up crafting, I had to buy mats off the exchange in order to do so. I was hitting every node I could to collect as much as possible and by lvl 20 I didn't have enough to make 4 beam arrays and a console? Something seems off to me.

I get that the exchange is there for a reason, to fill in gaps like this. But for someone who would be starting out fresh, without a large bank roll or a sugar daddy, may find the prices on the exchange out of their reach. I had enough EC to buy what I needed, but it wasn't cheap. And it was enough of a pain that I decided that if I didn't have the mats to craft, I wasn't going to.


In the end, my overall opinion of the crating system is this...

It takes WAY the hell too long to get anywhere in the new system. Just over a month for me to hit 50 and max out rep and I still have around 2 months before I can reliably craft anything for lvl 50. In that time, if I were so inclined, I could easily save up for and buy any rep gear I wanted. Maybe even 2-3 sets.

It could be a fun system for people who have plans on making a LOT of alts, such as myself. If you play only one or two characters, maybe not so much. In the end though, it's a long waiting game and even once you GET there, some things may not be possible for you to make unless you get really lucky. I'm looking at the Aegis set and Gumarre here.

I will keep going since all it takes right now is 1 common per school per day and less than a minute of button pushing.

On a scale of 1-10, my opinion of the crafting system has dropped since I did my lvl 50 summation. It's sitting at 3/10.

Here's hoping some improvements are made to make the system better.
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08-29-2014, 01:52 PM
I agree that there should be NO chance of crafting white items unless we choose to. The resources going into it are extremely pricey, not to mention the dil that goes into the XII gear.
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I wasn't sure if I was going to post any more updates, but I figured I may as well.

It's been almost 2 weeks since I last posted and progress has all but ground to a halt. Beams, Ground Weapons and Engineering are at lvl 11 while Shields has made it to lvl 10. 2 weeks and a grand total of 5 levels between the 4 schools. PATHETIC.

Seriously, something needs to be done to make leveling the crafting system more worthwhile. I've nearly forgotten about slotting new projects several times simply because there is nothing worth remembering. If we got some sort of bonus for slotting XP projects, similar to the Rep system, maybe it'd make things easier.

Give out a component for doing the XP projects, a pack of materials, SOMETHING! The absurd nature of taking so long to get to lvl 15 in order to reliably craft MK XII items... GHAAA!

Honestly, if I wasn't so far along on my main crafters, I would just quit now. I see NO reason to continue other than stubbornness (stupidity?) on my part.

And I've heard rumors that Cryptic is thinking of putting Kit frameworks and modules into the crafting system. All I can say to that is, it better be included into the Ground Weapon school. If they introduce an entirely new school this late in the game, and expect players to be HAPPY about it, they are delusional.

By the time a player gets an entirely new school to lvl 15, they could have gone 1-60, maxed out T5 in all the reps, probably including the new one coming with the expansion, saved up enough Dil and marks to buy Fleet level frameworks and mods as well as saved up enough Dil to turn it into Zen to buy Lock Box Keys to take a shot at getting some of the shiny kits in the Lock Boxes!

I understand Cryptic wants us to stick around for the long haul. Sadly, they seem to think that by making us do something so utterly bland as logging in for 30 seconds a day for 3+ months to slot R&D XP missions is keeping players happy.

It isn't.

I'm not asking to be able to hit lvl 15 in the crafting schools in a day, a week or even 2 or 3 weeks. A month however, seems decent enough to *me*. And considering that at most, you can run 4 XP missions per day until you hit lvl 15, that means you'd have another month leveling up the other 3 schools.

I do plan on taking my main 7 crafters to lvl 20 in the ONE school they will specialize in. The other non-specialized schools will stop at lvl 15. That will take an additional 3 months(?) after I hit lvl 15, if memory serves. And this is if I don't just plain old give up.

Long story short, the longer I do this crafting grind, the more I detest it. And the system. And by association, the Devs. I don't want to feel this way, but my GAWD, how can anyone with any common sense not look at this current system and the way it's set up and NOT think "the Devs hate us".

My opinion on the crafting system, as it stands today? 1/10.

If you're not into it now, don't waste your time.

As for me, well, I'm apparently a masochist.
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Originally Posted by rnaught View Post
Long story short, the longer I do this crafting grind, the more I detest it. And the system. And by association, the Devs. I don't want to feel this way, but my GAWD, how can anyone with any common sense not look at this current system and the way it's set up and NOT think "the Devs hate us".
This very closely mirrors my own position on all of this. I try very hard not to be That Complaining Guy On The Internet, but this... this is not a good system.

I've got 6 chars. Each has primarily focused on one R&D school (obviously I had to leave one out, I think it was Cannons, but who can even tell anymore). That "good school" on each char is currently in the 10-12 range, then three other schools in the area of 9, and the other three up to 5.

The kindest thing I can say about my R&D progress is that it hasn't really cost me anything, some marginal amounts of time to cash out old XP projects and start new ones, and a bare minimal cost of in-game materials. But by the same token, it has provided precisely no benefit at all, and probably won't for months, if ever.

I don't know what the Devs were aiming for when they designed this system, but I have to believe they were trying for more than "just barely short of even from a cost-benefit standpoint." So, you know, not quite Mission Accomplished, guys.

Pardon my soapboxing, and thank you for your time.


I am not your Complaints Department.

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